Starfinder A Look Inside Starfinder's Character Operations Manual

Paizo has posted an overview of many of the new feats and class features to be found in its upcoming Character Operations Manual. The book comes out November 12th.


It includes new character options for the Envoy, Mechanic, Mystic, Operative, Solarian, Soldier, and Technomancer.

The envoy gets a polymorphic disguise. The mechanic gains an experimental weapon or armor prototype. The mystic gains new epiphanies, and a great punch. The operative gets a quick cover ability. The solarian can manifest and energy shield. The soldier can delivery new devastating unarmed strikes with weapon properties. And the technomancer gets a cybernetic augmentation that levels with them.

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I wonder when it will be translated to Spanish language by Devir Iberia. Only the corebook and some modules have been published, neither "Pact Worlds" nor "Alien Archive (1!)".

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