A new law needs to be made!


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A man walks up to the boards, bruised and battered, burned and bleeding, and places a notice on the boards.

A new law needs to be made! People all around are defending those with bounties. A new law should be made that states, "Anyone helping one with a price on his head will be immeadiately be charged as an accomplice and will receive a bounty." The Marshalls can decide how high this bounty shall be. I've been hunting a man named Dakota and have been repeatedly stopped by a woman named Kerri and another named Alie. They must both be charged as accomplices and brought to justice before others are hurt.


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*Sometime later on Juxta, a lady with brown hair tied in a plait down her back pauses one her errands to check upon new notices. Seeing this one next to the mysterious woman's bounty on Dakota, she takes a quick glance over it before drawing a piece of fresh parchment from between her stack of record books, jotting a response to leave. (Clearly it's not Pounamu, her grasp of language is far better. ;) )*

Dear Mr/Ms Zeren,

Your issue raises questions that I will carry back to the Tower of Evengil. However, I must remind you that no law in Juxta protects the bounties of foreign lands, such as the one you refer to. Dakota is not wanted by the Marshals of Juxta. Therefore acts that you make upon our soil in persuit of this bounty may bring you into conflict with the laws of this plane.
Please act wisely.

Diana Reito
Tower of Evengil
Juxta City

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