D&D General A simple tool to collaboratively create RPG rumors.


Yesterday night I had an idea for an application that would allow it for people to look at RPG rumors online to spice up their game and get some inspiration.

I know that there are random generators out there that sort of do this already. But I wanted more variety than just stuff being rolled on tables and then mashed together.

So I created a collaborative tool where you can randomly get rumors, that are fit to be used in RPG games, and at the same time upload your own ones to contribute to the database and let others enjoy your creation.

I'd be happy if you would check out the app and get some testing in. So far a friend and I only added a few rumors, therefore it can happen that the same rumor comes up again, when you search for a new one. Also, if you upload a new rumor, I will have to approve it before it enters the database (for obvious reasons).



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