A Small Favor

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To everybody who tends to view this as a Usenet auxilliary.


If you can't respond in a reasoned, civil manner that is a response to what was actually said, go read a book. I'm serious. This is not Usenet, it's not even Nutkinland. These are message boards for calm, reasoned debate, not for snark, snide, or deliberately missing the point. So keep it civil, dang it.

And for those tempted to respond in a rude, insulting, 'don't you dare tell me how to behave' manner, the mods and admins here do suspend and ban at the drop of an insinuation. So if you must 'chew me arse out', keep in mind that it'll likely end up with you banned from these boards while I'll still be posting.
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So sorry and I ask for forgiveness for any mis-deeds performed. In my defense, I did use a smily and disclaimer (small print).

I apologize.


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Relevant to nothing, I'm getting the feeling that Hong is not long for these forums.

Hong, old bean, what happens at RPGNet stays at RPGNet.


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Although the basic sentiment is sound, Mythusmage, I really can't see this thread going anywhere but down. Folks generally are great on these boards, and when they're not, reporting the posts is the best course to take. If we all remember this, and if we all work to respond with respect and courtesy even to those who aren't treating us the same, we'll keep the boards going awesomely.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go ahead and put this to bed before the nascent snark in it has a chance to flower.

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