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A spell to increase crafting skill?


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Greetings all,
I come seeking advice on what spell level to place a spell that would grant the caster a +20 bonus to a chosen crafting skill for a duration of 1 minute per caster level. The primary purpose of the spell will be to to be used in conjunction with the fabricate spell.

Thanks for any help you might be able to give,

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The Witch's Handbook from Green Ronin has a Witch spell (also available to other classes, I think Cleric or Druid off the top of my head) called "Crafter's Blessing" -- adds +10 to all Craft checks for 1 week. There is also "Crafter's Curse", imposes -10 penalty to all Craft checks for 1 week. 1 minute casting time, touch range, no expensive components.

True Strike is a core 1st level spell that gives you a roll of 20 on your next attack.

Fantasy Flight Games, in their Dragonstar line, has a spell called "Impeccable Timing", which gives you a +20 bonus on the next check (of most types, attacks, stat checks, skill checks) you make if it is done as a Readied action within 5 rounds of casting Impeccable Timing. That spell is 2nd level.

Based on that, you can be more generous with time or the flexibility of the bonus, and still have it be 1st or 2nd level. As you describe it now, it is closest to True Strike (1st level), in that it offers a big bonus on basically your next immediate check of a specific type.

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