ZEITGEIST A Stereotypical Italian Campaign


But I'm not here just to brag on how much I love my players, I wanted to share a couple of, still in progress to be fair, maps that I'm making with blender.
I'm new with the software, but maybe someone is as amazed as me with just a little bit of 3D.

The idea is to make every map of the adventure in a 3D format (or adapt other maps).
Something like this


or this


I'll attach here the fbx files, if this is useful for someone I'll keep sharing those as I go.
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Also our skyseer, Aron, made a deck of tarocca cards with an unique design for every planet.
(The constellation are linked to the planet, but it doesn't necessarily make sense, it's something he invented, I'll try to justify it or maybe not).
He uses them to read the future, they are made in a way that you can overlap them (I think he uses 3 of them) to make a reading. If you are interested I'll give more details on his future reading idea.


View attachment carte.png


These are fantastic! Have you taken a look at Tabletop Simulator on Steam? You might find that it gives you a quicker setup for your 3d maps.


I know Tabletop Simulator, but I'm not sure it could help me as Foundry, since I can use all the foundry options plus a module that converts the visual in 3D. But I never really tried tabletop for playing in person :unsure:

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