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Accursed Tower: Map Problems


Has anyone tried to play through the Accursed Tower?

It is a 1999 Forgotten Realms adventure by R.A. Salvatore & the Seven Swords. I bought a pdf from DMSGuild.

The thing I'm struggling with is the maps, which don't seem to work. I can't see doors connecting the tower the players enter through to the rest of the complex after sublevel 3. And the stairs in the tower don't seem to make sense.

Any thought?


It is even worse than I initially thought.

Sub Level 5 is actually the "first floor" of the old fortress. There's no way into the tower there or any other way "up" to the second level (called Sub Level 4). Clearly a door or passage to the western tower has been omitted. It looks to me like room 20 was supposed to connect to the unnumbered passageway on Sublevel 5 but somehow that got replaced by bricks.