Actual celtic / new age music not sound tracks.


Does anyone know of any music that isnt off of a sound track (LOTR im looking at you) Id like some music that sounds medieval-y but i know of all the big ones, thanks in advance.

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Jack of Shadows

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I'd highly recommend anything from Loreena McKennitt. Be aware though that she tends to mix celtic with a lot of middle eastern influences.

I'd also suggest Blackmore's Night. A little less authentic but some great tunes.



2nd Loreena Mckennit.

Sarah Brightman might be worth checking out, at her Harem cd for middle eastern sounds, if not anything else.

Some of Ancient Future's music is midieval...

Hard for me to think of artists that make "medieval-y" sounding music...

EDIT: Also second Medieval Baebes.


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A friend from High School has gone on to become quite the Celtic harpist. You can find his music here: aryeh frankfurter

It's really good stuff, for sure.

His best is this one: [ame=] Celtic Harp/O'Carolan's Dream/The Music of O'Carolan: Aryeh Frankfurter: Music[/ame]

Dire Bare

Does anyone know of any music that isnt off of a sound track (LOTR im looking at you) Id like some music that sounds medieval-y but i know of all the big ones, thanks in advance.
There is TONS of good stuff out there. I know you aren't interested in soundtracks, but there a lot of good ones out there for D&D.

As far as Celtic Music goes, just head over to (or or any other online superstore) and search under "Celtic Music". You can also search under "New Age Music" and "World Music". In fact, there's flat out medieval music out there too! Search under "medieval music". There's just too much of this stuff to get a handle on! You might also think of "nature sound" CDs that have nothing but a long recording of rain, or surf, or birds chirping . . . good for setting some scenes . . .

Yeah... soundtracks don't sound even vaguely "medievaly" and most of the guys mentioned so far are a hybrid of Celtic and pop.

I've seen pretty good stuff from guys who sell their stuff at Ren Faires. Couldn't for the life of me tell you any of the groups' names, though, but authenticity is their thing.


tartanic (instrumental pipes and drums)
midnight sindicate (they actually did some D&D cds)

I 3rd Loreena and Blackmore's Night

Here's some more artists off my MP3 drive:
Gary Stadler
The Shantyman (sea shantys)
Wolgemut (instrumental pipes and drums)
Susan Hickey (more sea shantys)
Iris & Rose (a Tx RenFair act)
The Corsairs
Donal Hinely
Flying Fish Sailors
Minstrels of Mayhem


Many fine suggestions above.

I'd like to add Heather Dale.

I 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Heather Dale (three of my four personalities highly recommend her, the forth just recommends her. ;) ). Album "Call the Names" is all about the SCA. Its got a few good fighting songs and even better returning from a fight songs. 'Pierre and Marianne' and 'King of All Trades' are great songs to overhear in a tavern. Album "Trial of Lanceolot" and May Queen are also excellent songs.

Brown Jenkin

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I would put in a recommendation for Altan if you want a more traditional Celtic feel.

Enya's stuff if chosen correctly is new agey medieval.

Not quite Celtic but definitely Medieval are the Chant albums by the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos that were big in the 90s.


I'll add a recommendation for [ame=""]Corvus Corax[/ame]. They are a German band that makes their own medieval instruments and play very lively medieval music.


Hey, Evenglare... is getting to Plantersville for the day doable for you? I'm serious about hanging around the big Renfest there, listening to some live music and picking up the stuff you like. You can't lose.

Plus: hot Texan chicks in chainmail bikinis, turkey legs and mead. They've been bringing people to Texas's Renfest for years, even folks who otherwise don't have much interest in that whole scene. ;)


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There's also a tone of actual Medieval music out there, some of which is quite nice, some of which sounds a bit off to a modern ear...

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