I created his map for an AD&D: OA, 1e; I gave it a Japanese feel as regards to the language, but, I also wanted a Chinese-feel with the dikes to control the river; I used Civilization 3 city-view graphics and NBOS program to create it;

City-State of Heiji-Shi

he Island City-State of Heiji-Shi

Kinkoji (Omi) (The Island)
Kosen (Kow) the river)
Shi-Sho (Place of death): the lower-left portion of the map were the Gargantua walked.

Heiji-Shi (city-state)
Tatsumi-Kyuden (Palace)
Jiko-Yosai (Fortress (to the right))
Mi-Sa-Mori-Shinden (second temple)
Arabu-Ichi (marketplace)
The Kuchi (Mouth) Main-gate

Shinjuro has a potent alcoholic drink called, “Jin”.
The island was first colonized by a culture from the west; they called the island, “Omi”.
The island is now called, “Kinkoji”, but is also known as, “Omi”.
A year ago, The, “Umikaranoikimono”, came shore and barely missed destroying the city-state. The Umikaranoikimon is a Reptilian Gargantua; it destroyed the Sei-Mei-Shudion Monastery and its footprints are still visible in the form of swamps.
Under constant threat of wako attacks.
The ruler of the Island City-State is called, The Oji(prince).
They were a colony of a larger empire called, Yoshiro-Ryu, that has since been overrun with barbarians.
The Rikomoemon is a Wu-Jen that dwells in the ruins of Sei-Mei-Shundion; there are a few Sohei that still guard the monastery and refuse to leave; most in not all of the monks were killed by the gargantua and the sohei vowed revenged against the Umikaranoikimon.
The Kosen River is also called the Kow River.
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