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ZEITGEIST Adapting Gears of Revolution to A5E.



So the Adventures in ZEITGEIST book is something that I am eagerly looking forward to, but for now I’m actually a double Zeitgeist GM.

I have two groups: one who is currently in Crypta Hereticarum for the first time, and another that has yet to begin. The first group is established and using Spheres of Power (which vibes really well with the hyper-specialized caster NPCs like Gale and Leone), so I’m only gently pulling in A5E mechanics and items as necessary. No point in introducing a new set of mechanics in book 4.

For the new group, however, I am going whole hog with A5E. I want to use it to the fullest, which means doing some tweaking and adaptation.

So, I wanted to pose some thoughts to the community for brainstorming and maybe start developing a conversion document. Luckily there isn’t TOO much to change, but there are things I’d like to do.

Key thoughts so far:

1) Exploration sequences. Looking for spots to fit them in. Obvious spots from the top of my head are…

  • Axis Island (Book 1)
  • High Bayou (Book 3)
  • Elfavair (Book 8)
  • The Dreaming (Book 9)
  • Pretty Much Everywhere, Thanks Nick (Book 10-11)
  • The Gyre (Book 12).

I could also see Cauldron Hill (Book 2) as one, potentially, though you’re only there for one night. Book 8 has a lot of opportunities with Kas’s memory quest. I forget if Book 6’s trek around Ber and Book 7’s trip to Drakr have opportunities, but I assume so. Will probably need to come up with difficulty rankings and terrain for all of them.

EDIT: Well, I'm silly for not having fully read T&T before posting this. Exploration Challenges are EVERYWHERE. I was thinking of Journeys, which seem to pop up more organically. Either way, I'll make notes as I go.

2) Themes
The existing ones can largely run as is, but I am a bit curious as to how Martial Scientist should mesh with maneuvers. Also, if there is any information on what a Tropezero or Courseur is, I’m very curious.

3) Rare Spells. Who has them? Where are they appropriate loot?
Obviously options include MacBannin, Grandis or whatever her name is, the Crypta, and possible gifts from Gale, Nevard, and Cyneburg.

Are there any other considerations I’m missing? I’ll revise accordingly as I figure things out.
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