[Adventure] The Jade Ring (DM: Dimsdale)

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Upon further inspection you can tell immediately that it has magical properties. By looking at the strange black runes on the jade ring you can further deduce that the ring has the power to teleport...to where, you don't know

GM: success 1 failures 0
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Son of Meepo

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Dina takes out a golden disc engraved with the symbol of Mireva. She begins to slowly unfold it, sliding pieces left and right, forward and back, finally revealing a lens attached to a chain. She picks up the ring in one hand and the lens in another and carefully inspects the ring, noting the details of the workmanship and the materials from which it is constructed.

"Mmm hmmm, yes..."

Dina uses Animate Helper to gain a +4 bonus to her next skill check.
Dungeoneering (1d20+15+4=36)

Son of Meepo

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"It does appear to contain a powerful enchantment. The runes," she says pointing with a finger along the edge of the band, "This ring will teleport you... somewhere. But I must study it more to understand it's origin."

After studying the composition of the ring, Dina turns her attention to any of the more mundane features of the ring, remembering whether there has been any historical significance to its design or function.

The clues are all vague at this point, but she hopes that her immense body of knowledge that Mireva has gifted her is still enough.

History (1d20+19=20)

OOC: Did I learn anything from the Dungeoneering check? I was going for trying to figure out its materials in greater detail.


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Brother Navio thinks for a bit after hearing the news from Dina. I know that the slain dragonborn were minions of the dragon Bosch and that Bosch was not from this land. He gained access with with his horde through a portal located in the forest east of here. There was a cave entrance that led to the portal which when activated teleported travelers to a place in the Valley of the Bone. Unfortunately that portal has since been destroyed as a group was able to blow it up before Bosch was able to get all of his minions through the portal. Brother Navio looks back at the ring and studies it a bit more Perhaps this ring is another....<The door to the tavern opens with Nementah and companions carrying the huge head of the black dragon Bosch entering>

GM: Dina's second skill check will be done after Leather and Torqua contribute with their skill checks
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Son of Meepo

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Dina continues to talk in whispers to Brother Navio about the ring and its properties.

"All right girls, back in your cage! The folk around here get nervous when I let you roam around the streets. I'm sure I'll find you some... thing tasty to eat soon enough."

The door to the Hanged Man opens and a short (for his race) gnoll enters. He is oddly dressed in a dusty black vest and matching trousers. He takes a wide brimmed, tall hat off his head and bows toward Brother Navio.

"Greetings my good man. The name is Fhangrim, of Fhangrim's Marvelous Menagerie! My girls and I are in need of a drink, but I just had to meet a man of such exquisite character."

The gnoll's ears perk up at the sight of the jade ring.

"Say, that's a mighty fine ring you have there, mighty fine indeed."

Dina looks at the gnoll and then turns to Brother Navio.

"You take care with that ring. This huckster is likely to pocket it the moment you take your eyes off him."

Fhangrim feigns a look of pain.

"You wound me with your words madam! Your tongue is sharper than a blade!"

"Well this ring maybe more trouble than it is worth to you Fhangrim. It may lead to the layer of a dragon."

Fhangrim gulps audibly.

"Or at least a dead one."

Fhangrim flashes a grin from ear to ear.

"Then his treasure may well be unguarded you say? That's the best news I've heard all week!"

Fhangrim interposes himself between Dina and Brother Navio.

"Please do tell me more!"

Dina stands up and peers around the gnoll.

"It is all right Brother Navio. I am waiting for a friend and would not be able to follow the trail of the ring at this moment anyways, but hopefully I have helped you how I can."

Dina gets up from the table and walks away, leaving Fhangrim to talk to Brother Navio.

OOC: Using the PC that is close in level to the rest of the group. Fhangrim, level 6 gnoll sentinel druid and his wall of fur at your service.


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Haaku, a muscular human in light, dusty raiment with weapons cobbled together from bone and leather, quietly follows Fhangrim to Navio's table, watching the exchange. He could always trust the gnoll's bluster to turn up work for them, if any was to be had. It paid to stay near him. Haaku leans over to peer closely at the ring, and, with a glance at Brother Navio for permission, picks up the ring and feels around for any shallow engravings that a close visual inspection might miss. At first he finds little, but he goes over it again persistently, using the dirt-caked nail of his pinky finger to check for the slightest aberrations in the ring's smooth surface. (Or faceted surface, depending on what the ring is like :p)

OOC: Perception: 17
No Action: Heroic Effort, boost result to 21

[sblock=Statblock]Haaku - Male Human Ranger|Fighter 5
Initiative: +6, Passive perception: 26, Passive Insight: 16
AC:21 Fort:19 Ref:20 Will:16
HP: 45/45 Bloodied: 22 Surge value: 11 Surges/day: 8
Speed: 6 squares, AP: 1, Second Wind: unused, Temporary HP: 0
Melee Basic Attack: +12 vs AC, 1d8+11 (off-hand)
Equipment: +1 Rhythm Blade Short Sword, Chatkcha, Javelins(2), Potions of Healing (2), Adventurer's Kit
Notes: +3 damage vs bloodied targets

Powers:Twin Strike, Footwork Lure, Hunter's Quarry, Heroic Effort, Sohei Flurry, Off-hand Strike, Rain of Blows, Invigorating Stride, Jaws of the Wolf, Rain of Steel[/sblock]
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