[Adventure] The Lost Treasure of House Cannith (Judge: Evilbob)


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Colgrave breaks into a grin. "It appears that we're in business," he says cheerfully. "Now, let's see if I can poke a gold tile without it chewing up my belongings."

OOC: I'd like to try sliding the bag one square to F4, lifting/dropping it onto the gold tile, and then snagging it and lifting it up again with a new Mage Hand as the tile starts to rotate (free action to drop the bag, minor to conjure a new mage hand at the new location, move to lift). Not sure how feasible this is, might depend how fast the tile goes, but if it's not possible to pull off as planned then never mind, we'll see what happens when the bag isn't retrieved in time.

Incidentally, having just checked, it occurs to me that Colgrave's spellbook isn't properly recorded on his sheet - but let me establish at this point that it is not currently in the bag. ;) If necessary I'll take an extra round to secure it.

I guess a proper Arcana check is in order for this stunt. 1d20+12=31

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GM: Nice roll. :D It'll take you two "rounds" to execute this due to the number of actions needed. I'm fine with allowing that.

Anytime you want to try something like this, it will require a new roll. It will be combined with the need to roll for accuracy. Results will vary depending on the roll because I imagine that the timing for something like this would be very tricky.

Also, the pack is hovering a bit off the ground above F4, but I offset it on the map so you could still see what is underneath it, since you should be able to while it's in the air.

The bag lands on the gold tile and the floor begins to log roll. The bag begins to slide toward the red tile in front of it, but the wizard manages to poof a new mage hand into existence just in time to avert any potential problems with his pack.


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"Superb," Colgrave remarks with satisfaction as the purple tile rolls into view. "Hmm, I'll need to move up a little..."

He beckons the backpack to a position just in front of him and, raising it up once more, dumps it on the blue tile at his feet.

[sblock=OOC]1st round: Move Action to get the bag into position, Move action to raise it up, free action to drop it on the blue tile at C2 (taking 10 on the Arcana check).

Tell me if you'd like me to be stricter about posting in single rounds, but otherwise I'm just going to go ahead and post my plans up until the next point where I need feedback - seems quicker that way.

Assuming that the tile at C2 is now purple as I'm expecting, Colgrave will lift the bag again and then move - C2 - D2 - E3 - F2, which should keep him on purple tiles.

If that all goes as planned and nobody else wants to cut in, he'll next be dropping the bag on H2 (taking 10), which should hopefully get that purple too.

Then it'll be the gold tile at K2, for which I'll be trying to reproduce his earlier success: 1d20+12=18 to drop the bag and lift it again before it rolls.[/sblock]


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GM: In the efforts of keeping this moving quickly (and because I don't want to be a total jerk for no good reason), I will update this the way I know you intended it (from your color indications) instead of the way you posted it (especially since this is crossing multiple rounds). However, I'd appreciate it if you stopped your actions long enough to let me post the updated map every time you effect the floor. You misinterpreted the tile locations with your post. This is why the rules for the area require me to post after each action that actually does something. This will also make it easier for me to keep track of to make sure I provide you with an accurate update.

Also, I only said you could take a 10 on the accuracy check if you were trying to drop the bag on a tile it was already on from a greater height. Stopping in column F and dropping it in column H without taking that extra time would require the check. Again, think crane game. However, since it will do no harm and you're already crossing multiple rounds, I'll just pretend you took the extra time to line it up in this case.

For clarity on what happened with the bag, the gold tile was actually in K3. It is now hovering over that location.

The bag falls on the gold tile and that section of floor begins to log-roll. The bag slides more quickly than the wizard anticipated toward the tile in the next row and being at the very edge of his range, he is unable to snatch the bag before anything happens.

The bag becomes wedged between the two rows of tiles, and the floor keeps attempting to roll. The combined pressure seems to set off the green tile the bag is partially stuck on and poison gas pours from the walls. Colgrave manages to stave off choking on it for the moment, but this is not what he had anticipated. With a little extra effort, he does manage to eventually pull the bag out of it's wedged position and the rolling tiles settle into place.

[sblock=mechanics]Poison gas vs. fort on Colgrave - 1d20+6=9 - fail[/sblock]


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Coughing, Colgrave hastily whisks the bag to a stable location and then retreats to a safe spot where he can wait for the noxious fumes to clear. "Ugh... this requires some rethinking."

OOC: Whoops! Seems I made some faulty assumptions about tile functions. Sorry about the confusion. Did the entire corridor slide when the blue tile at C2 was hit? Has that in fact happened every time a blue tile has been hit? Looking back now it seems so... whoops.

Colgrave will slide the bag back to J4 and then retreat on the purple tiles to C2 and wait.

Quick query at this point: when the tiles rotate from the effect of a gold tile, do they do a half turn (implying two possible configurations) or a quarter turn (implying four possible configurations)? Or something else entirely?
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GM: That's correct. The whole floor slides when the blue tiles are hit.

The gold tiles rotate enough that it looks like they are actually a "log" and not a flat piece flipping. However, there was a time that 354b activated one and, maintained his balance at that location, and the next tile was also gold. When it activated as well, and the tiles changed, it looked the same as it had before he was there at all.


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Colgrave surveys the way ahead with a sigh, coming to the inescapable conclusion. "So much for making a safe path. It's impossible. There must be some way to deactivate the whole hallways remotely, but who knows if it even still exists. We're just going to have to brave it."

Deciding to take advantage of the fact that he's not very flammable, Colgrave moves up to the limits of the purple path and then, taking a deep breath, steps on the red tile beyond and hurriedly onwards to the gold tile in the next row, intending to let it tip him onto the purple one beyond.

OOC: D3 - E4 - F3 - G3 - H2 - I3 - J3 (Fire Resistance 7, don't fail me now) - K2 - L2 is the intended trajectory for this round. Hoping that even if I fail the Athletics check on K2, it's going to dump me forwards onto L2 - but anyway, here goes the check: 1d20+1=17, huzzah.


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Colgrave dashes down the hallway. When he hits the gold tile and it rolls under his feet he manages to maintain his balance, but sets off the poison gas trap that appears in it's place before stepping forward onto the next purple tile. Along the way he manages to deftly avoid the flame jet that spouts up behind him and resist the effects of the poison momentarily.

[sblock=Mechanics]Fire Jet vs. Reflex - 1d20+5=12 - miss
Poison Gas vs. Fort - 1d20+6=12 - miss[/sblock]

GM: An athletics result of 17 stops you from falling prone. You maintain your balance in K2, activating the tile that appeared after the roll, before moving on to L2. You would need 20 or better for the reaction the others were getting that allowed them to roll to a different square without activating the new tile.


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Colgrave grimaces with frustration as the gas pours out once more - the necessity of keeping his mouth shut and his breath held prevents him from giving more vocal expression to his feelings. Shaking his head ruefully, he takes the plunge once more, stepping forward onto the red tile and from there on to the gold, hoping he can be more light-footed than last time.

OOC: Move: M3 - N2 - hopefully O2. Athletics for N2: 1d20+1=7, whoops. Face-first into O2 then? Here's hoping.


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Colgrave singes his robes a bit in the fire and completely loses his balance when the gold tile causes the floor to roll under his feet. He lands face first on the purple tile in front of him.

[sblock=mechanics]Fire trap vs. Reflex on Colgrave - 1d20+5=21 for 1d8+3=8 fire damage (-7 for resistance is 1 total fire damage)
Colgrave also takes 5 poison damage for ending his turn in the cloud.[/sblock]

[sblock=PC Status]
HP: 31/41 Surges: 4/9 AP: 0 MI Daily Uses: 1

HP: 26/45 Surges: 9/11 AP: 0 MI Daily Uses: 1

HP: 29/43 Surges: 8/10 AP: 0 MI Daily Uses: 1

HP: 19/32 Surges: 6/6 AP: 1 MI Daily Uses: 1
Conditions: prone

Experiment 354b:
HP: 27/40 Surges: 7/9 AP: 1 MI Daily Uses: 0


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