[Adventure] The Lost Treasure of House Cannith (Judge: Evilbob)


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The Lost Treasure of House Cannith

Cast of Characters
Kaelen - Elven Monk 4 - Character Sheet
Karananak Bole - Wilden Druid 4 - Character Sheet
Thalin - Halfelven Bard 4 - Character Sheet
Colgrave - Tiefling Wizard 4 - Character Sheet
Experiment 354B - Warforged Psion 4 - Character Sheet

[sblock=Quest Details and Awards]
Major Quest: Retrieve research notebook from Eston

Treasure Awards:
75g each (375g total) - awarded here
840gp (Level +0 gold parcel) - Claimed by: - awarded here
1x Alchemist's Spark, 1x Clockwork Bomb, 1x Acidic Fire, 355gp (cost equals 840gp for a Level +0 gold parcel) - Claimed by: - awarded here

EXP Awards:


  • Please try to post at least one every 2 days, once a day would be preferred.
  • If you need to be gone for more than a couple of days, please let me know ahead of time either by posting in the thread as an ooc comment, or via PM.
  • Please choose a color for your character's dialong not in use by another player in this adventure. It will help keep things easier to read.
  • Please post OOC comments in sblocks.
  • If you have not posted for 48 hours or more and we are in combat or a skill challenge, then I will NPC your actions using only at-will powers.
  • Please include a link to your character sheet with your first post in the thread.
  • Please include a status block in any post in which your status changes.
  • If there is an sblock labeled for someone other than you, please don't read it.
  • Sblocks with Skills on them will indicate "passive" if you can use a passive result to read them. Otherwise you need to make a roll. If the blocks are nested, you can use the same roll for the entire nest. (For example: If there is a Perception 20 block inside a Perception 15 block and you roll a 17, you should read the first part, but not the second. Likewise if you roll a 25, you can read them both.)
  • Please link from some sort of dice roller for all rolls. Invisible Castle is fine. I happen to like CoCo Dice Roller.

  • Please post a status block with each combat action post.
  • I will keep track of your status during combat (including HP, negative status, AP, etc.) but ask that you do as well. No one is perfect and if we work together we can hopefully avoid any mistakes or quickly correct them if they occur.
  • I will roll initiative for everyone. Anyone beating the monsters acts first, then the monsters, then everyone. Actions will occur in post order. I will do my best to update as frequently as possible to avoid the need for retconning.
  • Monster stats will not be fully revealed in the beginning. I will include the lowest roll that has hit for an individual stat when it happens. I will post the monster's full HP once it becomes bloodied.
  • Please post an sblock with a breakdown of your actions in each combat post. (i.e. what you are doing for each action type and links to any appropriate rolls.)
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm always willing to lend an ear or add clarity if needed.[/sblock]

As you approach the Highwater District, you see a couple of guards standing at the gate. They look relatively bored, but stand a bit straighter when they see you coming. When you approach the gate and hand them the sigil you took from the note in the tavern, they are happy to direct you to a house near the center of the district.

The house itself is rather non-descript from the outside. It doesn't stand out from the others around it, but if you knock on the door a small humanoid being appearing to be made of clay opens the door and beckons you inside. The creature doesn't speak, no matter what you say, but leads you to a sitting room at the end of a long hallway of doors and indicates the chairs within, as if offering for you to make yourself comfortable. Then it exits the room and goes off down the hallway.

The sitting room is sparse but comfortable. There are several chairs and couches. They all seem in good repair of standard materials, no velvet cushions or anything. Sitting in them proves that they are comfortable and well-used. There is only the one exit from this room, back down the way you came.

[sblock=ooc]Feel free to start RPing as soon as you enter. Your host will join you shortly, but as I know there is at least one character from the tavern who is away for the weekend, the actual adventure won't go into full swing until Monday or Tuesday so he has a chance to catch up. I don't want to leave anyone behind who wants to come as it will be difficult, if not impossible, to add additional characters once we're underway.[/sblock]
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[sblock=OOC]Glad to have you onboard evilbob[/sblock]
Kaelan seems to be the first to arrive at the place. After taking a quick look, he decides against taking a chair and instead stands near a corner, his back leaning against the wall.

Kaelan, Elf Monk 4 (Centered Breath), speaks in green.

[sblock=Combat Stats]Kaelan, Elf Monk 4 (Centered Breath)
Speaks in green.
HP 41/41 Temp HP 0
Initiative +7
AC 23, Fort 16, Reflex 18, Will 16
AP 1, Surges 9/9
Elven Accuracy []
Drunken Monkey [ ]
Eternal Guidance [ ]
Supreme Flurry [ ]
Masterful Spiral [ ]
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An impossibly thin creature walks through the parlor doors with a long and predatory, if relaxed gait. Karananak has deep brown skin with a wooden bark pattern over it, and a huge, two foot-diameter ball afro of tiny black leaves. His eyes are large, non reflective black pools that draw you into them like the shadows at the bottom of a well. His legs are back bent like some animals ending in a pair of bare, three taloned feet, with toes splayed wide for balance. Along the base of his jaw and the outsides of his forearms and calves are rows of slender, needle-sharp thorns. He wears thick, tattered hide vest and breeches that have seen far better days, with what might be a stone flute tucked into a sash and a dirty backpack. He carries nothing else other than a flimsy walking stick, nearly as thin as he is.

He is holding the front seam of his vest just below chest level with his other hand. In the crook of that arm sits a beautiful tiny imp girl with her legs and wings folded demurely. Her long tail is wrapped around the wilden's branchy arm several times for support.

Seeing the couch causes the tree man to raise his bushy eyebrows in delight. As he starts crossing the room, he notices the elf standing in the corner and gives him a bark-crinkling smile as he points to the soft piece of furniture with a long stick-thin finger of his staff wielding hand and nods enthusiastically. He sits on the cushioned couch after setting his walking stick against the wall beside it, relaxing into it as if he had never sat on anything so soft in his life. "Dem be poolin oat awl dee stops tuh be enticin uh bein tuh be wukin foe dem den, Doan cha tink?"

[sblock=Actions]Free: Smile at Thaelan
Set down staff
Move: Cross room
Standard: Sit on couch[/sblock][sblock=Swarmwhisper]Karananak Bole—Male Wilden Druid 4; Resist 5 Fire, (Resist 4 Melee/Ranged in Beast Form)
Initiative: +2, Low-Light, Passive Perception: 22, Passive Insight: 22
AC: 17, Fort: 18, Reflex: 15(17 in beast form), Will: 19 — Speed: 6
HP: 45/45, Bloodied: 22, Surge: 11, Surges left: 11/11
Action Points: 1/1, Second Wind: Not Used, Milestones 0
Powers -
Savage Rend
Locust Swarm
Cold Wind

Scattered Form
Voyage of the Ancients/Wrath of the Destroyer/Pursuit of the Hunter
Battering Claws

Summon Pack Wolf
Healing Infusion

Item Powers:

Character Sheet
[/sblock][sblock=OOC]I always post my action in the action block that way. The descriptive text is where I say the order they are actually being taken in. I hope that's not too confusing.

I don't think there's even a lvl 4 defender being built right now, let alone ready to go.

Speaking color Lime.
[/sblock][sblock=Translation]They're really pulling out all the stops to entice a being to work for them, don't you think?[/sblock]
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[sblock=ooc]That's the best way to deal with actions, in my opinion. During regular roleplay time such as this, it isn't really necessary, but if you still like to do it there's certainly no problem at all. It makes things nice and clear. :) I actually just added that to the combat rules section to be clear, because something like that would be necessary in combat. Otherwise it's too easy to lose track of things.[/sblock]


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[sblock=OOC]How do you feel about post order vs initiative in combat? I personally feel like initiative only works for the 1st round of combat to see who goes before the bad guys, then it should go post order to keep things rolling. The round of bad guy actions then post order for all the players.[/sblock]


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[sblock=Post Order]I believe the rules indicate post order is how combat will be run. Initiative determines who goes before the bad guys, then it just goes by group, with post order determines order of actions. Is that considered "Mal's rules?"[/sblock]


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[sblock=ooc]Yup, that was already listed up there under combat rules. I have time to run it in normal initiative order, but people are used to doing it in blocks, so I figured I'd stick with it.

The only reason I didn't include the action block thing initially is because I thought that was standard procedure, but vertexx's post made me wonder if it wasn't, so I thought I better go back and add it.[/sblock]


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After receiving the directions from the guards, Thalin heads into the correct manor, but takes a step back from the clay butler, “Curious…” he mutters as he follows it to the waiting room. He is still dressed in his very ordinary looking plain cloths, looking more like he belongs on a farm than going of on an adventure. Only a few telltale signs indicate he has any business being here, the chainmail glinting beneath his shirt, and his walk of someone with confidence.

Seeing a 3rd person in the room as he enters, but no conversation, he deduces the elf is another applicant for the job, “Hail, and well met Master Elf. I did not see you acquire a sigil from the Tower’s Shard, is there another location for those of an adventuring mindset to find work? It would make sense, a single tavern to cater to all adventurers would make money hand over fist, and would quickly be the envy of the other taverns. Tell me good sir, where might the tavern you patron be located?”

He heads towards a couch or chair near the elf he was addressing, “Pardon, where are my manners, the names Thalin, and I specialize in melee support. Not the most deft of swordsmen, but quite good at creating an opening for my stronger comrades to take advantage of.” He offers his hand with an air of expectation.


Kaelan eyes the half elf for a second before answering back. "I actually found one of those near the entrance of the tavern, dropped perhaps. As I entered the place I heard about the job so I just decided to attend directly.

As far as I know, there's only one tavern around when you're looking for a job."
, he adds.

Waiting for the half-elf to finish his introduction, Kaelan presents himself.

"Kaelan. I'm a swordsman as well"

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