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[Adventure] The Lost Treasure of House Cannith (Judge: Evilbob)


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Soon after Thalin enters the room, the small clay figure returns carrying a platter with several glasses of light wine, crackers, and cheese. He sets these on a table next to the door. He then approaches Kaelan and Thalin, since they are standing, and holds out a piece of parchment in their direction. As soon as one of them takes it from him, he turns and exits back down the hallway again.

[sblock=The Parchment Reads]Dears Sirs,

I apologize for my delay in attending you. Please enjoy the refreshments and I will be with you as soon as I can.[/sblock]

[sblock=Mezegis]Please post a link to your character sheet when you get the chance. :)[/sblock]

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Colgrave enters a little while after Thalin, having dawdled somewhat to take in the sights of the Highwater District. He passes the clay servant in the doorway as it is on its way out. "A very good day to you all," he utters sonorously, making a bow as he notices the unfamiliar elf. "Perfectly charmed to meet you. I am Colgrave." He strides over to help himself to a glass of wine, glancing over the note, and then proceeds to an armchair and flops down, arranging his long limbs into a languid pose. He gives an exaggerated sigh of satisfaction as he sinks into the comfortable chair. He sips from his wineglass in one hand as the metal sigil taken from the note in the inn spins and dances between the deft fingers of the other, flashing as it catches the light.

"I must say," he comments idly, "this seems to be a rather superior sort of employer we're anticipating here. Splendid disregard for the niceties of timekeeping - a most excellent sign, speaking of the finest social pedigree, don't you know."

[sblock=OOC]Thanks for delaying! Can't wait to get stuck in here.

Character sheet: http://leb.wikia.com/wiki/LEB%3APC%3AColgrave%28Antithetist%29[/sblock]
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After falling behind the rushing half elf, 354b eventually finds the highwater district. Following the directions to the letter he also manages to find the house in question. Following the clay golem in he pays no attention to it focusing more on taking in his surroundings and noting any historical significance.

Standard:perception check 1d20+7=20
Free:Knowledge History check 1d20+13=16
Using Legend Lore 354b can replace any knowledge check with a history check.

Speaks in DarkSlateGray
Character Sheet
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[sblock=HornedTurtle]If you want to make a perception or history check you will need to make a roll and post it, but there isn't much out of the ordinary to see here.

Also, just so you know, Perception isn't a knowledge skill. Knowledge checks would include: Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Nature, and Religion.[/sblock]

You aren't waiting much longer before your host finally makes an appearance. A tall human in dark clothes enters the room about 10 minutes after 354B arrives. His auburn hair is tied back in a tail that hangs a couple inches below his shoulders. His face and hands show evidence of old burns in the form of small scars, but nothing overly serious. He takes a glass of wine and bit of cheese for himself and seats himself next to the door before speaking.

"Welcome, all of you. I apologize again for my tardiness in greeting you. I had wanted to speak with you in the tavern, but I think this will work out better after all. We can be more open here.

My name is Rafftry d'Cannith. What I need is for you to retrieve something from The Mournlands for me. I will explain more in a moment, but first I'd like to know your names, and perhaps your specialties. Also, I think it best if you all agree that entering The Mournlands isn't something you're opposed to before we continue."

His speech is plain. Although the room is comfortable and the food is good, he doesn't carry the air of authority with him that nobles tend to. However, his clothes are fine enough that it's obvious he isn't of the typical working class, or even merchant class, either.

He eats the cheese bit with gusto, but sips the wine casually while waiting for your response.


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After their prospective employer asks them to introduce themselves there is a bit of a pause, then the wilden Rises from his bed-like seat and walks to the center of the room giving an awkward bow while holding out a hand so that the tiny red imp girl has somewhere to stand while she curtsies. "I an I bein called Karananak Bole, dough dem Iron Gatekeepas be callin I Swomwispuh also, and dis ere be Eve. I be claimin some minuh control oh dee winds, an da way tuh be callin tuh Nature uhself fa rassistances."

He raises the hand that Eve is standing on and blows her apart like she was made of ashes with a single breath before dropping his hand to his side. "I an I alsa be avin a way tuh be seein rond cawnas When dee need be dare." A small hunk of cheese breaks itself off the platter and flies in an arc toward the wilden which he catches and eats merrily. Eve appears at the serving tray and takes a bit of cheese for herself before flying back over to Karananak, where she hovers next to him.

"Dough mos toh dee time I an I can be phoned in dis fawm when dee fightin be stotin. An dis ere bein uh vary powafall fawm ot dot trute." With that his very form seems to shift ever so slightly at first, like something is crawling over his skin. But on closer inspection it is revealed that it actually is his skin that's crawling
, his entire being made of hundreds of tiny insects and rats, needlefang drakes and bats along with every other creature you have ever heard of attacking in a swarm. The swarm stops looking humanoid and drops to all-fours. where it vaguely resembles a big hunting cat and snarls as it stalks around the room. Then the swarm disperses from where it was to reform into the tree man several feet from where his swarm was before. As he takes another bow, Eve flies over to him and crawls into his vest. "No what you be tinkin boat dat?"
[sblock=Actions]Free: Bow to group
Make Eve Invisible
Move: Cross room
Standard: Wild Shape[/sblock][sblock=Swarmwhisper]Karananak Bole—Male Wilden Druid 4; Resist 5 Fire, (Resist 4 Melee/Ranged in Beast Form)
Initiative: +2, Low-Light, Passive Perception: 22, Passive Insight: 22
AC: 17, Fort: 18, Reflex: 15(17 in beast form), Will: 19 — Speed: 6
HP: 45/45, Bloodied: 22, Surge: 11, Surges left: 11/11
Action Points: 1/1, Second Wind: Not Used, Milestones 0
Powers -
Savage Rend
Locust Swarm
Cold Wind

Scattered Form
Voyage of the Ancients/Wrath of the Destroyer/Pursuit of the Hunter
Battering Claws

Summon Pack Wolf
Healing Infusion

Item Powers:

Character Sheet
[/sblock][sblock=OOC]My translations will be inside the OOC block from now on too.[sblock=Translation]I am called Karananak Bole though the Iron Gatekeepers call me Swarmwhisper also, and this is Eve. I claim some minor control over the winds and a way to summon an aspect of Nature for help in battle.

I also have a way to spy around corner when the need is there.

Though most of the time I can be found in this form if a fight starts.

So what do you think of that?


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Thalin watches both the prospective employer enter, and then Karananak's interesting display, with a measure of delight. He avoids the food for now, but watches those that do partake to see their reactions. The name is Thalin, Thalin Thoon, and as I just said a moment ago, I specialize in melee support. Alas, I do not have much in the way of fantastical tricks nor shapechanging abilities. I simply inspire the best and then some from my allies. he says, with no attempt at showmanship. I've done my time in plenty of fights, seen both trained soldiers wet themselves, and a kitchen boy kill 3 men with a peeling knife because he had to inorder to live.

Sitting down across from their host, he takes a moment to adjust his pack on the floor, and his sword at his hip for maximum comfort before continuing. Now I don't really fancy a trip into the Mournlands, but I do need coin in me pocket and these fine gents mostlikely need my help. So perhaps we'll see what you have to say, and then I'll decide how best to continue. He then motions for the others to sit and share their stories, both for their patrons request and for his own knowledge on them, their skills, and how they'll fit into this grand story.

[sblock=Stuff] Link to sheet: http://http://leb.wikia.com/wiki/Thalin_Thoon_(Mezegis),_Half-Elven_Bard_4
Diplomacy(with Word of Friendship) to make him like us and allow me to decide later on the quest: 1d20+18=37 yeah... Diplomacy, I has it![/sblock]


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Colgrave listens respectfully to the others, nodding with appreciation at both his prospective allies' demonstrations of their respective talents - Karananak's swarm-shifting and Thalin's simple charm (which, he feels bound to confess, makes his own abilities in that field appear rather pale and amateurish by comparison).

Easing himself to his feet, he bows to the master of the house with an elaborate flourish of his hand. "I am Colgrave," he repeats once more for the employer's benefit. His opal eyes shimmer and flash as he surveys the assembled company for a moment. A checked serpent noses out from his sleeve and winds its way up his arm to coil around his neck, its scales a brilliant blue. He strokes it absently with a fond hand as he speaks.

"The Mournland, hmm? No place for a pleasant jaunt, of course, but then you were clear enough about the perils appertaining to your proposal. I have a few caveats relating to the precise intent and details of your scheme, which I should like to enquire about in due time, but for now let me say that in broad outline I believe I should be agreeable enough.

"As for my own qualifications, I'm tolerably well versed in the arcane; I fear I've always had a remonstrable proclivity for parlour tricks -" here he interrupts himself to flick his seal high into the air, where it promptly vanishes with a little wink of light; the next moment a little bundle of violets appears there and falls into his waiting hand, tied with a silk bow. "-and if one indulges such regrettable whims for long enough, sooner or later one is bound to pick up some more practical applications. First and foremost I am a creature of deception and chicanery," he concludes with a wry smile of self-deprecation, "but I am not incapable of the odd application of brute magical force, when the situation calls for such."

He holds his violets up to his nose and sniffs at them before immolating them instantly with a wave of his hand, leaving only a wisp of sweet-smelling smoke. In their place the metal seal is back, spinning between the fingers of his hand once more as he takes his seat again.


"My name's Kaelan. I'm a wandering swordsman and my speciality is, well..., hitting hard. Overall I also make a fairly good scout, which is going to come handy if we're going back into the mournlands."

He then directs his eyes to Karananak, to which he comments, "I've heard of nature keepers before, but I must say that I had never seen one first hand."


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[sblock=ooc]Gonna wait for the last intro before he replies.

A small detail, in case it wasn't clear, the sigils you used to get here weren't metal. They were just symbols drawn onto the bottom of the paper, rather like when you see advertisements with little strips dangling off the bottom with contact information on them. As far as I'm concerned, that doesn't stop you from doing anything you just did, but I just wanted to point that out.[/sblock]


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[sblock=OOC]Ah, apologies - I was imagining little metal sigils pinned to the bottom of the note, rather than just drawn on to it. Oh well, thanks to the wonders of Prestidigitation, Colgrave's sigil is metal after all I guess. ;)[/sblock]

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