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Adventurers Found! Sea's Righteous Might Leaving Soon!


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Jodjod, I guess it's you who's playing the wizard. Write me at the address I already gave, let's get together as to which spells we should use to complement each other.

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I will go with the cleric then. I'm a big fan of them, and it looks like we have more than enough heavy hitters in the group. Let me give some thought on her background, and I will post it tomorrow (or later tonight if I'm ambitious).


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Okay! I've started the official Game Thread, with some intro material for Swift Rock Bay, Iggy Glenfannon, and the ship, The Sea's Righteous Might.

Here's where you guys can see about getting your PCs together. If you planned on applying for the "Explorer's Wanted" jobs, assume your name is one of the names Iggy reads off and add 50gp to your sheet as your signing bonus. If you plan to get aboard by some other method, here's the time to work that out.

Iggy is giving you about 1.5 days to get your things together. Feel free to spend it carousing about town, doing some last minute shopping, or having a meal with your new fellow employees ('m going to go back and edit in one of the more popular dockside dining establishments). Whatever you do, be sure to make role call at dawn on the second day... neither the Cartographer's Guild nor Captain Kestor much like those who take thier money and run, and both have long arms...

Here's where you can trade your stories and get to know each other. Enjoy!

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Before posting IC, I wanted to finalize my character. So, voila!

Name: Marisa Calathar
Class: Cleric of Wee Jas
Race: Human
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Level: 2

STR  16 (+3) (10 pts)
DEX  12 (+1) (4 pts)
CON  10 (+0) (2 pts)
INT  12 (+1) (4 pts)
WIS  14 (+2) (6 pts)
CHA  14 (+2) (6 pts)

HP: 14
AC: 19 = 10 +1 (dex) +6 (armor) +2 (shield)
   Flat-Footed: 18
   Touch: 11
INIT: +1
BAB: +1 (Melee +4, Ranged +2)

Fort:  +3 = +3 (base) +0 (ability)
Ref:   +0 = +0 (base) +1 (ability)
Will:  +5 = +3 (base) +2 (ability)

Masterwork Morningstar     +5 atk   1d8+3   x2 on 20
Dagger                     +4 atk   1d4+3   x2 on 19-20

Masterwork Banded Mail          +6 AC    +1 Max Dex   -5 AC Penalty
Masterwork Hvy Wooden Shield    +2 AC                 -1 AC Penalty

Languages: Common, Draconic

-- Command or Rebuke Undead 9x/day, turning check d20+3, turning damage 2d6+4
-- Death Touch 2d6, 1/day
-- Arcane Caster Level at 1/2 Cleric Level

-- Extra Turning
-- Improved Turning

Skill Points: 20               Max Ranks: 5/2.5
Skills:             Total  Ability  Ranks  Misc
-- Concentration    +5     +0       +5
-- Heal             +9     +2       +5     +2 (w/ healer's kit) 
-- KS (Religion)    +6     +1       +5
-- Spellcraft       +6     +1       +5

Spells Known: 4/3+1
Spells Typically Memorized: 0th- Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Light, Read Magic; 1st- Bless,
Cause Fear*, Comprehend Languages, Shield of Faith

*Domain Spell. Domains: Death, Magic

Starting Gold: 1200 gp
-- Masterwork Banded Mail        35.0 lb     400 gp
-- Masterwork Hvy Wooden Shield  10.0 lb     157 gp
-- Masterwork Morningstar         6.0 lb     308 gp
-- Dagger                         1.0 lb       2 gp
-- Healer's Kit                   1.0 lb      50 gp
-- Holy Symbol, Wood              ------       1 gp
-- 2 Potions of CLW               ------     100 gp
-- Backpack                       2.0 lb       2 gp
-- Bedroll                        5.0 lb       1 sp
-- Flint and Steel                ------       1 gp
-- Pouch, Belt                    0.5 lb       1 gp
-- Rations (5 days)               5.0 lb      25 sp
-- Traveler's Outfit              5.0 lb       ----
-- Waterskin                      4.0 lb       1 gp

Total Weight: 74.5 lb
Total Money: 171 gp, 4 sp

Max Weight:  76 light   153 medium   230 heavy

Age: 28
Height:5' 10"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Marisa carries a mysterious beauty about her. Her long, flowing hair frames her piercing blue eyes. Her eyes always carry a curious sparkle, belying her curious nature. Marisa carries herself well, standing tall amongst her compatriots. She is equipped with banded mail armor, with the holy symbol of Wee Jas on a necklace around her neck. She carries a heavy, wooden shield, engraved with the symbol of Wee Jas on the front. Strapped to the right side of her belt is her favored weapon: an intricately designed morningstar. Tan form-fitting breeches and black leather workboots round out her attire. Carried in a belt strap is her dagger, which carries the holy words of Wee Jas and appears to be ceremonial in nature.

Marisa is an extremely curious sort, especially in the fields of divine magic and death. From early on, Marisa has viewed death as neither a "good" or "evil" thing, but a reality that must be accepted and can ven be utilized as a benefit. She often speaks of death as some sort of "puzzle" which can be solved. While some have been put off by her views, she nevertheless enjoys talking about them to her compatriots. She has an open soul, yet does not carry around the naivete that one might except of a novice cleric. On the battlefield, she has a fire in her eyes, and will stand side-by-side with her allies. She seems to nor fear death, and will often interpose herself between her comrades and their fates.

Marisa's background is a mystery. She speaks very little of her time before her travels. All she will say is that, three years ago, she left her home to travel the world and learn more about death. Some have surmised that she must have witnessed the death of someone close to entertain her passion; while others believe she is alost soul looking for some true rest. Her travels have brought her through some more unusual locales, where her abilities as a cleric and healer have helped many a party. Currently, her travels have brought her to Swift Rock Bay, where she is looking for another caravan or sailing ship to continue her travels.
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Doh! I did when I stopped the "open recruitment" Damn.... and I was wondering if I said something to frighten everybody away. I guessed I assumed subscriptions would follow the new name.

That was pretty dumb. I'll send PMs to the other guys and see if they can find it.

Thanks for noticing!




With my left over gold from before and from the bonus (total 131gp), i'd like to use some of it (100gp) to get a masterwork lute, spend a lot (10gp) on food, spend more (10gp) on an "I'm an idiot please forgive me" gift, and be left with about 11 gp. This would fit my character.


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Ha! From previous... disagreements, you've learned Kaelin likes dainty glass trinkets... she has several shelves full of colorful glass animals, flowers, and globes in her room. Ten gold can get you a good one, and you know just the craftsman. His shop is uptown, in one of the nicer merchant districts.


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I'm around, but haven't had a chance to post IC yet... sorry for the delay!

Hopefully something will be up tomorrow lunch.



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Don't worry about the price for the dinner. Bran's tune (rolled a 15, +8, 23!) and the noteriety of your mission got you enough attention and enough well wishing that your meals and drinks were paid for. Anything extra on the table will be remembered by the staff next time you drop in.

Here's a bit for y'all to figure out though.. Bran left, and the rest of you are heading out the door after the two thugs who are following him... yet Taklinn hadn't yet seated with you. So who bumps into him, or who does he bump into?

Its the evening after Iggy announced his choices for the crew. You've the rest of this night, and one more full day before you must be at The Sea's Righteous Might's docking.


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reddist said:
Here's a bit for y'all to figure out though.. Bran left, and the rest of you are heading out the door after the two thugs who are following him... yet Taklinn hadn't yet seated with you. So who bumps into him, or who does he bump into?
Oh, I am definitely aware of this one. :) Waiting for jodjod to make a move, though if not I am sure Marisa will spot him on the way out.


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Animus said:
Make that a 20 gp "forgive me" trinket :) .
So noted:) The craftsman who works in glass has an aquaintance who makes the daintiest steel roses, crafting the petals and stem using both intense heat and a small anvil. The finished product rings true when tapped, like any solid blade, but looks as delicate and fragile as an organic rose. When the hollow in the center is filled with nookta essence, the metal rose gives off the finest scent, like a boquet of fresh flowers.

Of course, the merchant who sells nookta won't open his shop until mid-morning tomorrow...

<<Once I'm sure we're all still able to find both threads, I'll replace my intrusive post in the IC thread with some colorful flavor. >>


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scout989 said:
Jaleph cocks an eyebrow at Ven, asks "Coming?", and heads out the door.
I was under the impression that we were already following him, based on reddist's post here.

Reddist - I don't know if the subscriptions update - I wasn't subscribed before :eek:


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Okay, so here's what I'm seeing right now. Bran has left on his errand. The two hoods from the Clam Shell finally agreed to follow him, and left after him. You guys at the table have just agreed to follow them, and Jaleph thinks to scout ahead some. I am assuming this was agreed upon?

Talkinn, I think, is in the Clam Shell, but has not yet joined your table, or your party.

Do I have that about right?


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It honestly doesn't matter to me if Jaleph's idea happened while we were still in the Clam or while we were out on the trail. Since reddist's desdription didn't happen in the IC thread, I didn't take it that we had actually left. Either way, the idea still works and I'm going ahead with it.


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Yup. I was assuming that the general flow was:
Two "thugs" (between 5' and 100' away from Bran)
Jal (less than 100' away from Bran, where he can use message)
The rest of us (~20' away from Jal, where we can keep tabs on him, but not slow him down if need be)

silentspace said:
I was under the impression that we were already following him, based on reddist's post here.
I think we were, but when Scout989 thought up the "message" plan, I thought a little retcon might make it a little easier :)

Still not sure how to handle Taklinn... I figure if Marisa sees him on the walk out, she would make eye contact, maybe a head not, and continue on. Hopefully, Taklinn would follow (*hint* *hint*)


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I generally go with the flow the GM sets when he wants to move forward, I'm not one to slow it up when he wants to move forward unless there's a pretty good reason for it. ;)

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