D&D General Aging effects

I saw somewhere a few years ago a version of the aging table that included the child or youth (cant remember for sure but think it was one of those) age category. Cant remember what book its in but its just like the normal one. Does anyone know where i can find this?

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It depends on your edition of choice. 1E would be found in the DMG, 2E would be found in the PHB, and 5E lacks this entirely. I don't remember if either 3E or 4E had them, or where they could be found.

I could swear i found them in 3.0/3.5 somewhere just a couple times tucked somewhere just infrequently enough visited that i never memorized where they were at and now a couple years later ive no clue. I think i only ever saw this version of the table in one book though. It just has that one extra categiry but its sorta necessary.

Oh well. Thank you for trying.

It was definitely 3.0 or 3.5 somewhere. I feel like there is a 5% chance that it might have been a dragon mag. But im pretty sure its a book that ive seen it in once or twice. If only it wasnt years ago i might remember which one lol...

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