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I saw somewhere a few years ago a version of the aging table that included the child or youth (cant remember for sure but think it was one of those) age category. Cant remember what book its in but its just like the normal one. Does anyone know where i can find this?

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It depends on your edition of choice. 1E would be found in the DMG, 2E would be found in the PHB, and 5E lacks this entirely. I don't remember if either 3E or 4E had them, or where they could be found.

I could swear i found them in 3.0/3.5 somewhere just a couple times tucked somewhere just infrequently enough visited that i never memorized where they were at and now a couple years later ive no clue. I think i only ever saw this version of the table in one book though. It just has that one extra categiry but its sorta necessary.

Oh well. Thank you for trying.

It was definitely 3.0 or 3.5 somewhere. I feel like there is a 5% chance that it might have been a dragon mag. But im pretty sure its a book that ive seen it in once or twice. If only it wasnt years ago i might remember which one lol...

D20 Modern, pg35. So technically in 3rd edition family of books then 😀

-3 to str and con, -1 to all other stats
Not the entry i was looking for but this actually seems similar to the one i remember. Perhaps its only a slight retooling (or maybe its the other way around and the one i was looking for is the one which was slightly retooled). I will modify and use this. Thankyou very much.

This and the Star Wars D20 game were the only places I saw it in WotC's D20 products.
Yep. However in earlier editions there were ocasionally directly d&d entries that took account for young adult and in at least one edition i can still find one that includes young adult AND below it child. So there is something out there (which i could swear i remember seeing). Just cant find it. I remember seeinf it before though. But i think they had rolled young adult and child together into "youth" or something. I'll take what i can get though. I like having as many options available as possible. I grew up playing zelda a lot and it just feels weird when adventurers exclusively start as fully realized adults. Doesnt even work like that in real life. For instance, in the legends of king arthur ironically one of the most real parts was actually merlin the wizard. It was a real historical position held by a successive line of mystics in europe. Only one held the title per generation. The merlin in king arthurs tales seems to be based on 3 rolled together. One of which was famously just a young boy (boy wizard for the win). He is also the merlin that is involved in the story behind the red dragon on the flag of wales. So for my campaigns i guess i just wanted the option available. Still not sure how im going to implement it exactly but I'll probably go one of two ways. Either ill base it on the d20 category black rat showed me which looks pretty good (and add a single size category reduction for good measure) or I'll possibly base it on my knowledge of neurology and physiology and the older age categories (plus a negative size category stage) and come out with something a little odd but uncomplicated none the less with a -1 to wis and str and a +1 to int and cha (yes i know the plusses are weird but there's good reasom for them) with a circumstantial -4 on all knowledge checks (due to age) which disappears at a rate of 1 per level until level 5. Right now im leaning toward using the d20 option he showed me though. Its simpler and more in line with establushed rules.
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