Air Pirates: Episode 1: The Revenge of The Air Pirates: The IC thread.


And so, it begins. Rogue's Gallery
Drerek as Tetenet, Aerenal Elf Necromancer
Pyrex as Athelstan, Human cleric of Vol
Voda Vosa as Vasintze the Warlock
Blackrat as Gipp Firebread the Gnome Ninja
EvolutionKB as Thirian, the Evil Scion of House Lyrandar
DrZombie as Galathon, the Half-Ogre Psychic Warrior
Gyojin as Marius the Orc Diviner
Zoycitenega as Caden the Halfling Warmage
Pathfinderg1 as May the Kineticist
Bloodweaver1 as a changeling swashbuckler/thief
Shayuri as Ariel, an upcoming air/weather cleric

The Air Pirates had finally been captured. The guards led our heroes, in a long chain reminscient of slavery, through the streets to the local jail. The pirates took one sad look at their airship, the Ragnarok, before the guards led them before a cheering crowd. The crowd began to throw tomatoes and rotten eggs at our heroes. After the triumphal parade, the guards threw the crew, familiars, zombies, equipment and all, into a dank dungeon. "You'll not escape now!" laughed a red-bearded guard. "King Kaius has created these anti-magic cells just for theives like you. You can even keep your pitiful won't be getting out any time soon.

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Post at least once a day. Please put character status in the headers (such as Joe Blow, Master DM, HP 1000, AC 99, PP 600).

Also, could everyone make an initiative roll before time? It makes things easier.

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Athelstan, 36/36hp, AC 15

Initiative: 15

More than a little suprised not to have been stripped of his gear before being thrown into the cell, Athelstan begins looking around the cell; pondering how to escape.

"Right. Well I'm not for waitin' around to be hanged when our ship's just a few hundred yards away."
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May, elan psion, HP 24/24, PP 38 of 39
OOC: [sblock] 1 PP expended already, for Repletion special ability- unless unable to do so, she uses this first thing every day, and would have used it before capture; Initiative 13 ([/sblock]

IC: May had struggled along as the rather odd-looking procession of pirates made their way through the streets- while her small size allowed her to use some of her larger compatriots as impromptu cover from the worst of the thrown produce, the sheer weight of the chains was irksome, and the public embarrassment was worse. Once they were dumped in the cell, she looked briefly around the room, her eyes wide and even more crazy-looking than usual- she had the frenzied look of a trapped rabbit, at least for a few moments.

That didn't last long, though, and some semblance of reason returned to her features after a little while- they were trapped, but in no obvious immediate danger. She knew that Gipp would have better luck examining the physical details of their prison, and Galathon could handle the task testing the strength of the door than contained them, so she decided to assess their situation in her own way. While the guard had taunted them with 'antimagic cells', there were a number of ways such an obstacle might be created- perhaps she might help to determine just how much trouble they were in. She sat down in one corner of the cell (the least dirty corner, by coincidence) and focused her mind on the task at hand. Her first test was the simplest- an attempt to retrieve something from her magic haversack, which she expected would simply not work. Then she moved on to other matters, using her mental abilities to test the depths of their predicament.

OOC2: [sblock]She will try whatever means seem appropriate to see if 'anti-magic' includes 'anti-psionic' as well. I'm just assuming it does, and that nothing she tries will work- escaping can't be that easy. Once she has run out of ideas, which shouldn't take long, she will take advantage of their 'peace and quiet' to Take 10 on a Concentration check to attain her psionic focus- that should work, and taking 10 gets her the 20 total required to succeed, as well as a few minutes of time[/sblock]
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Caden: Halfling Warmage; HP 28; AC 23(tch 16, ff 18); Spells: 6/7/5(DC 14+lvl).

Initiative: 7

Caden is currently swearing up a very colorful storm as she lays out her possessions in a corner, from most useful in a break-out to least useful in a break-out. After finishing with her things, she looks to her companions - I agree with Athelstan; what have you lot got that might be useful?

Among the most useful in her pile are 5 flasks of alchemist's fire, 2 flash pellets, a light shield, and 2 anti-toxins.

[sblock=OOC]Would I have my alchemy kit with me? I kinda doubt it, but it would be useful [insert puppy-eyes here][/sblock]
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Tenentet Elf Necromancer 3/Master Specialist 2, AC 14, HP 19

Tenentet ignores the mob assembled to jeer them. Most of them would be dead in a few decades while the elf planned his escape, assuming it took that long. The fools had left his undead minions with him. Another mistake.

OOC: Initiative (1d20+4=16)

[sblock=Spells Prepared]0—Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Light, Read Magic, Touch of Fatigue, Touch of Fatigue
1—Detect Undead, Backbiter, Mage Armor, Chill Touch, Cause Fear, Reaving Aura, Grease
2—Command Undead, False Life, Ghoul Touch, Sprectral Hand, Escalating Enfeeblement, Blindness/Deafness
3—Ray of Exhaustion, Vampiric Touch, Prickling Torment, Haste[/sblock]


Marius, Orc Diviner, 27/27 HP, AC: 10

Initiative: 2

Marius ran his fingers through his facial hair, removing a red colored goop. " me in the face..." Marius mumbled. "And whoever decided to let us keep our things with us is even more stupid! I may not be able to cast my spells in this anti magic, but it doesn't stop anyone from using nonmagical methods of escape!" Marius walked over toward one of the walls, brushed away some of the dirt with his foot and sat down. He pulled his backpack off his back and began searching through it. He pulled out a flask of acid, pulled off the stopper and sniffed it. "Seems to still be potent..." Marius muttered quietly. He put it back and pulled out a piece of chalk. He looked at it for a few seconds, shook his head, and dropped it into his pack. He looked up at Scrap, his bat familiar, hanging on the ceiling, but doubted he would help any. Their magical link had been cut off ever since they were in this cell. Marius sighed and returned to looking through his pack.

Voda Vosa

Strangely, the warlock remained calm as the tomatoes and the eggs flew over his head. But he returned to normal, after been pushed into the cell
"I'll blow your heads off you pathetic dogs!" Vasintze barked at the guards. Violently, he turned and looked for his mace among the pile of equipment, having found it, he aimed at the door with it, and an aura of reddish energies start surrounding the pirate and his mace. But when all expected a blast, there was nothing. The energy subsides, and Vasintze calmed down. he lowers his weapon "Let's try something more clever first shall we?" he ask apparently to himself. Easy, he collect all his equipment, with a tranquility look in his face
Like nothing have happened, he sat down next to May. Vasintze started relying in her ideas since he met her.
"Any thoughts?" he asks, hitting his head with his finger.

OOC: Initiative 3 +4 = 7
HP: 30 Ac: 21
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A moment later, Ariel is flung in with a loud, "Whooooop....UHF!"

She lies face down on the cold stone floor for a moment, her long blonde hair splayed around her head like some bizarre human dandelion blossom. Then she props herself up on her elbows and irritably blows her bangs out of her face, a scowl on her cherubic face.

"That could have gone better."

The priestess sits up and adjusts the shoulders of the loose fitting, semi-translucent aquamarine and white gown she wore where they were threatening to slide off. Oddly, for a priestess, she'd never really given a straight answer about what god she served...normally just saying 'the wind,' or 'the free breeze.' But her powers over air were invaluable to a crew that made a living suspended hundreds or thousands of feet above the ground. And she wasn't nearly as morally picky as a priest of Balinor. And it didn't hurt that, even bruised and muddied, she was pretty to look at.

With a grunt of effort, she hauls herself to her feet and looks around.

"Haven't one of you managed to escape yet? I thought you were pirates."

Init: 7
AC (assuming no magic working): 13
HP 34


Scowling darkly, Caden glares at Ariel. Us? Are ye sayin yer not? Shall we leave ye here, then, when we break out? Growling a bit about lazy pretty-girls, Caden goes back to sorting.


Cole Braddock AC: 21 HP: 29

Initiative: 18

The large and extremely ugly half orc growls with sinister bloodlust at the crowd as she is paraded through square in chains. She curses in loud, twisted tongues with spittle flying through the air at those who dare to get close to her. Small children run in shrieking horror as she roars in rage and rattles her chains when she is shoved past them.

As the guards force her through the square and into the dungeon she cannot help feel a small smile cross her face. After being thrown into the cell she turns and roars her defiance in Orcish curses to the guards. As the guards make their way back down the hall she turns to face her friends with an innocent look. In mere seconds her hideous orc form morphs into an exact replica of the red bearded guard who just placed them all in the cell. In a matching tone with his hands on his hips he says to the group, “Ba-dirrrrrr, these anti magic cells will hold you! We are city built on inbreeding and to prove we will lock you all up with all your gear… ba-drrrrr!” He gives a hearty laugh as he drops the guards disguise and morphs into that of an average human male. “Man what an idiot!” He says to he cell mates.

So, Gipp how quick you think you pick this lock? Last time it took you almost a whole minute.
Voda Vosa said:
. Easy, he collect all his equipment, with a tranquility look in his face
Like nothing have happened, he sat down next to May. Vasintze started relying in her ideas since he met her.
"Any thoughts?" he asks, hitting his head with his finger.
For a moment, the tiny young woman stayed motionless and unresponsive, as if perhaps she had not heard. Then her eyelids fluttered open, and she glanced around the room, taking in a glimpse of each of her shipmates as they reacted (or prepared to). She reached out one pale hand, pointing towards the door, and mouthed the word "Boom"- when nothing actually happened, she made a brief pout of disappointment, then turned to the warlock sitting beside her. "I can't really believe that they just dumped the whole lot of us in here, with all our gear and everything. Either they don't really intend to keep us here for long, or they don't understand just how creative people like us can be. I wager we don't have long to wait before we get an opportunity- either someone is going to come in and make us an offer we can't refuse, or some of their guards are going to get a really horrible surprise. Either way, the captain will be back at the helm, and we'll be out marauding soon. And I don't intend to forget this town, or those annoying guards..."
Thirian Hp 40/40, AC 20

Init: 4

Thirian held his chin high, and his eyes slowly scanned the crowd of commoners. He looked for others of his house, people that may recognize him, and tell the remainder of his family he was finally captured. Not for long. No cells can hold us. A tomato struck him in the side of the face. As the juices dripped of his finely scuplted face, he turned and glared at the thrower. It was a child...a half-elf...his gaze narrowed and the child clung to his mother's leg.

When Thirian was tossed into his cell, Thirian swore to himself, Antimagic, that could pose a small problem.Knowing he lacked the skills of his own to pick locks, and lacked any equipment to escape such a predicament, Thirian pulled out a sunrod, letting it light the dungeon. He gave his surroundings a quick look before he searched the corners for any hidden tunnels or equipment. Once he was sure the guards were gone he said, "I'll have to give the guards a fine beating for taking our ship and tossing us down here. They'll be sorry they left all our weapons on us."

"Yes May they probably have plans for us, torture us in the town square or something. That will not happen, be ready for them to come back for us." Thirian begins to slowly swing his flail in a figure eight around him, a steady wooshing emanating from it, much like the trapped elemental in their airship.
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OOC: I had them leave the gear as I assumed you wouldn't be happy if it was taken. However, you have heard rumors of bizarre mechanical traps...

No, the alchemist's kit is on the ship.

IC: The guards notice your careful preparations. They laugh. "We'll be coming for you at dawn tomorrow, you nauseating pirate scum. Bring all your little undead friends, weapons, whatever. You will be tortured and killed tomorrow, and pressed into the Karrnathi army. MUHAHAHA!"


Caden rolls her eyes to the ceiling at this. "Really? I thought they were going to invite us to tea", she drawls sarcastically. "What a pity, I don't care much for being hanged."
[sblock=OOC]Do we know where exactly the anti-magic fields end(like when the mage armor stopped failing or whatnot)[/sblock]


"Pity we're not in Zilargo," Ariel murmurs distantly as she paces the walls of the cell, peering out any window there may be as she comes to it.

"Zilargo has the best hangings."


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Gipp: AC=18, HP=25


Gipp runs his fingers through his red moustache as he examines the lock to his cell. Might be tricky as my picks are all in my backbag. He says looking at Cole. And the bag happens to be magical so I can't reach them. Anyone happen to have anything small or wiry at hand? He looks around at his friends. Then he turns his attention to Ariel. And if we were in Zilargo, at least I wouldn't be in prison. Gipp mumbles at her comment.
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Ariel nods vaguely at Gipp, then looks at Caden.

"Sorry, were you talking to me?" Her voice is maddeningly calm and honestly questioning. The girl didn't have a sarcastic bone in her body, it seemed. "I was thinking. But yes, I suppose I'm a pirate too...and I'd like to go when you break out, thanks." She beams at her earnestly.

(OOC - It's funny how character's personalities so often converge with their appearances. I just now realized that Ariel looks and sounds a lot like Luna from Harry Potter...minus the obsession with fictitious creatures...but I didn't plan it that way at all. Hee.)

Voda Vosa

"Well then, as I see no other faster solution mates, please back off a little while. Lets see what's this antimagic made of, shall we?... I just hope it doesn't start bouncing in the room, Ha ha." Vasintze aim the door lock with his mace, an channel the evil energies of his soul in it, the metal orb of the mace, glows in a shiny red color. After a few seconds a red eldrich ray travels the air in a direct collision trayectorie to the locked door.

[sblock] Eldrich blast: +10 (assuming I'm closer than 30 feet from the door) Dmg: 3d6.
I don't spect this to work, neither do Vasintze, but he is like crazy =) [/sblock]


Tenentet stays out of the way, watching and listening. You are used to his long silences. Spending almost a century in jail and having undead as companions did have some effects.


Blackrat said:
Anyone happen to have anything small or wiry at hand?
"This is as close as I've got to lockpicks, but they may serve in getting the door open."

Athelstan digs a hammer and crowbar out of his backpack and adds them to the pile of tools in the middle of the room.

OOC: Can we get a little more information the cell we're stuck in? Walls? Windows? Door?