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Alchemy in O.L.D.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
I just wrote the alchemy rules for O.L.D. It ended with this paragraph:

For example, if a concoction contains troll's blood and ground unicorn horn, it has a total of 10 MP. It takes 10 hours to prepare, and has a difficulty of Severe [25]. The unicorn horn can offer the abjuration action or one of the effects fey, or animal to the mix, while the troll's blood can offer the healing action, or one of the effects fire or fey to it. The alchemist uses it for Abjure Fey VIII in the following manner:

One hour's duration (3 MP)
Hedging, fey (1 MP); hedging, greater (2 MP)
Area, 20' radius (2 MP)

This potion wards against fey and prevents them coming within 20 feet of the imbiber for one hour. The hedged fey can attempt to breach the barrier once per minute by making a WIL check vs. the alchemist's attribute check to create the concoction. This potion is very valuable, worth 6,800gc.

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