DMs Guild Alendril's Alchemical Compendium - An alchemy system for D&D 5E


First Post
Hey all! I'm a long time DM, and have just started putting some of my content on DMs guild. I'd love if folk could come take a look and leave a review or two. My main title atm is Alendril's Alchemical Compendium, which contains the following:
  • A fleshed-out alchemy system, accessible by all characters with proficiency in a Herbalism Kit, Poisoner's Kit, or Alchemist's Supplies.
  • Recipes for all potions, poisons, and alchemical creations available in the DMG and PHB.
  • Recipes for all-new concoctions
  • A system to create your own custom concoctions
  • Rules for harvesting ingredients
  • 200+ ingredients
  • 3 new backgrounds
I also have three other titles: Vrenkur's Bestiary of the Unsettling (13 horror-themed monsters), Abalgar's Wondrous Items (32 magic items), and the Way of the Monkey (A monk subclass). I'll be adding more over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out if you like my stuff!

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