Alien & Fate Join ICv2's Top 5 RPGs

Alien and Fate join ICv2's tabletop RPG sales chart, while Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder maintain 1st and 2nd places as usual, positions 3-5 always change. Cyberpunk, from R. Talsorian, has climbed from 5th place last time, to 3rd place. This chart is for September-December 2020, based on interviews with retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.


Dungeons & DragonsWizards of the Coast
CyberpunkR. Talsorian
AlienFree League
FateEvil Hat Productions

As always you can see all the historical charts here.
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aramis erak

Some great ironies of the assigning of clades in genre of literature of the 20th C...

Star Wars was a tribute to "Space Opera Serials of the 30s & 40s" (Lucas)
The serials he mentions include Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers...
Flash is just about the definitional example of the Planetary Romance genre, being almost exclusively on Mongo. the comics and novelizations are also in the PR subgenre... But it does have some space elements, so can be classed also as space opera, especially later versions.
Buck has a serious case of MPD... The original novel (Armageddon 2419) isn't Space Opera, isn't even off-earth... it's supressed white folk fighting back in a guerilla war against invading supertech Chinese dictatorial technocrats.
The Serial Movie line was set on earth as well... with Kane being homegrown, and just a plain tyrant. It wasn't space opera in any real sense.
Some of the 1950's comics are pushing into space opera, such as the invasion of the Tigermen of Mars.....
The first moving picture truly space opera Buck is the post-Star Wars TV show...

Lucas apparently didn't pay attention to subgenre/genre.

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