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In the world of ISRP. Okay so I haven't been here in a while. Between family, personal and work commitments I've been pretty well run off my feet so to speak. Combine that with a few extra hobbies and it's easy to tell why I haven't been around.

For this I appologise...

Any storylines involving my characters which have become impossible due to my absence. This includes but is not limited to the storyline which I was setting up. That, unfortunately, is on hold pending further notice and I am very sorry to those who put time and effort into it. It was never my intention for it to turn out this way.

But, moving on. I also appologise for those who miss me, (not that I expect this to be many XD). But, as my father would say: Tuffen up a bit. As my mother would say: Remember the good times. I say the time will come when I'll return :D.

Anyways what I really wanted to do was wish you all a great Christmas and New Years if I dont see you before then!


Ariel aka Relay

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Miss seeing you around hun. Don't worry, some of the players of the story you started are still around. Thier keeping it warm for you on the boards. Take care of yourself, we'll see you when we see you. :D


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New beginnings

For those who were present here two years ago, they would (no doubt vaguely) remember a discussion of a personal matter reguarding a loss in my family (my brother's girlfriend due to a vehicle accident the day before christmas). I am somewhat relieved to report that the matter is finally finished in court. The sentence was severe (according to stats on similar cases); and I will be missing him for 3 years and 3 months at a minimum.

This has been one of the reasons I've not been available. But it is nice to finally have some closure.

I cant stress enough, that I want you all to have a safe and wonderful Christmas.


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Wow. I'm sorry the sentence was so severe, but glad you have some closure.
You have a safe and wonderful (as possible) holiday season as well.

James V

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I haven't even been around much, and I forgot my password to log on, well I thought i did, I actually forgot my user name. Stay save woman, I miss ya a ton. Hopfully I'll see you soon!

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