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OOC: wait a minute... am I at 1 hp? or did I take 1 hp out of my 7? I guess Im confused about the 1/7... if Im at 1... thats gonna suck, I should have run, I figured you meant I took 1 out of 7 damage.

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Shaff: you have 1 hp left

I hope I can explain flanking and attacks of oportunity (AoO) with the diagrams below. Flanking is easy: if you have an enemy “sandwiched” between two allies, he´s flanked. You gain +2 to hit when you flank an enemy, and rogues can add their sneak attack damage, since he´s not able to defend properly when faces enemies on opposite sides.

AoOs are a little trickier. You always threaten the areas where you can make an attack with your weapon (your character don´t just stand there like a blue dot) even if it´s not your turn. When an enemy does something funny, like casting spells, picking something from the floor, or just move around a lot, you have the opportunity of making an attack against him (an attack of opportunity :D)

AoOs against moving targets are the difficult part. You can make them when you leave a threatened square. Notice in the last diagrams how Soma can just enter his threatened area and nothing happens, but suffers attacks of opportunity when he tries to advance from a threatened square to another square. But you only provoke one attack from the same enemy if you move, no matter how many squares you go through (but if you do something like casting an spell, that could mean another attack!)

However, you can make 5 foot steps (a movement of 1 square that you always can do, except in turns where you therwise move) 5 foot steps never provoke AoOs.


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You can, if you want. You should do the Withdraw action (it´s a bad thing to turn your back to an angry gnoll) And tell me where do you want to stop.


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Percy will withdraw and hide behind a tree, and If possible, beging playing a song of inspiring courage with his lute. If he can't he will begin his song next round.

OOC: Im not sure if I can withdraw and start a song.....

OOC: Draw the mace then move. Drawing the weapon to use up move action and then moving to use up standard action. I had no plans on moving then attacking in one round. I just wanted to get between Percy and the gnoll.


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Seba will get behind the Gnoll if possible (in the move), otherwise he will flank him from the side. He is not equiped to go head to head with the enemy so better that he use the fact that the enemy is distracted as a cover of sorts (in other words, he will get into the best position but quickly to dispatch the enemy by means of a sneak attack).


Rounds 2 & 3

Thokk watches the gnoll fall with savage joy and turns to face the remaining enemies while Percivillus retreats holding his wound. When the gnoll tries to pursue him, Mirdor interposes with a determined look in his face. They exchange blows: finally, with a howl, the beast mightily strikes with his axe, cutting a good chunk of Mirdor´s shield and denting his helmet. The world almost goes black for the cleric, but he manages to keep on his feet with a supreme effort. Seba appears at the gnoll´s back while it does so and tries to stab the monster in the kidneys, but the gnoll´s shield block his blade in the last second.

Meanwhile, Soma quickly dodges the other gnoll´s strikes and punches the gnoll´s shield. Ducking under the swinging battleaxe, he raises with a kick in the chest that cracks a rib or two. The gnoll bends in pain and can´t see Thokk´s axe falling on his back. The beastman falls, almost cleaved in two. Soma then rolls on the floor and kicks the remaining gnoll´s hip, following with a puch to the head. The monster, now alone, stumbles.

[I played two rounds because it seemed that the actions of several players (Thokk, Seba, Soma) were pretty obvious. See the following post for round 3 map and OOC comments.

Thokk kills G1, as previously said.

Percivillus retreats using the Withdraw action. Next round, you can gather enough will to start singing.

Mirdor fills Percivillus´ position

Seba drops the crossbow, draws his short sword, and moves, hoping to flank G2 the next turn. The reason for dropping the crossbow is that storing it back would cost you time, and wouldn´t be able to move. Dropping things is a free action: it doesn´t cost any time.

Soma moves 5 feet (however not enough to flank any enemy) and performs a full attack action: that allows him to use his Flurry of Blows ability, attacking twice (with a penalty) The first punch fails, but the second barely connects, dealing good damage. I´m NPCing Soma, since Apotheosis has not posted.

The gnolls attack, wounding Mirdor (-8 hp)

The elf is still tending the other elf´s wounds.

Status: Mirdor 2/10, Percivillus 1/7, others at full strenght. Gnoll 2 wounded, Gnoll 3 badly wounded]


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[Thokk moves 5 feet and easily kills G3. With the extra strenght for Rage and the flanking bonus, he had a very high to hit bonus.

Seba moves into position, but unfortunately fails his attack.

Soma moves and flurries again, scoring another hit against the remaining gnoll.

I need Percivillus and Mirdor´s actions.

Status: Mirdor 2/10, Percivillus 1/7, last gnoll really very wounded.

One last comment: notice how the battle has almost ended in only 3 rounds: this is usually the norm for D&D fights, they rarely ast more than 5 rounds (less than half a minute). You have to choose carefully what to do, because you won´t have many opportunities to act, and every action can swing the tide of battle!]


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OOC: Whoa! Who knew bashing evil creatures would be so much fun! Another quick question: After the battle is over (and it looks like the good guys will prevail. :) ), would it be wise to check the bodies of the destroyed creatures for supplies or whatnot?

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