All that glitters...


Mirdor wears the breastplate (and feels much more macho) just before leaving the small village. Not only Calder, but almost all the hamlet wish you luck (everybody is worried about the two commoners that should be here already)

[assuming you just leave the village]

Vania is a silent guy, (apparently only speak on monosyllables) and gides you thorugh a difficult path that makes you fight against tangled bushes and climb unexpected ledges and streams.

"Is this the shortest path?"


"Maybe another way could be longer, but faster in the long run..."


But he´s the guide after all. However, when the sun is high and shining thorugh the canopy of leaves, you hear a scream and the noise of clash of arms that come from the left.

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The scream hits loud and hard as the team makes it's way through the path.

But as much as he'd like to continue the quest, Thokk is thrown into a battle fury, ignoring his groups actions, running to meet whatever adversaries he might come upon, and taking his mighty axe in hand!


You fllow the scream weapon in hand (if you don´t want to do that just post that and I´ll remove you from the fight) and arrive at a rather large clearing. You see a group of three gnolls trying to surround a female elf, who´s wielding a bow. A second elf (E1) lies on the floor, obviously wounded. When you arrive, the gnolls turn to you and one of them, the one wearing a chainmail (G1, the others wear scale mail) growls some orders and they prepare for battle.

[Gnolls are foul and cannibalistic beastmen with hyena heads, and are dangerous opponents.

Since the battle already started and you were aware of it, you act first. Please post your actions as much detailed as you can; I´ll help you translate them into game terms. And think twice on what you´re going to do - teamwork is important!

Dont be afraid of asking if you have doubts on how something works or how I ruled.]


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Generally speaking, usually the guy with the best looking armor is usually the toughest, so being a creature of strength (and easily distracted by the shiny plates on the enemy), Thokk charges the "lead" gnoll, swinging his axe toward the creatures head.

"Vermin be gone!" he yelled, trying to kill the creature and cause some sort of opening to the wounded and scared.

OOC: I'm casting Bane on the gnolls.

Mirdor grabs the holy symbol that hangs around his neck and begins to chant. Spell energy is being released upon the gnolls, but St. Cuthbert determines if Mirdor is in his favor and if the spell succeeds.


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Seba hides behind a tree and takes shots at the Gnolls with his crossbow.

OOC: He'll first find cover (a tree or something concealing) and then fire at the nearest Gnoll (from the diagram it looks like G1) or the easiest target.
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Round 1:

Mirdor advances and calls Cuthbert to fill the gnolls hearts with fear while Thokk jumps towards the nearest gnoll, axe in hand, but the gnoll just ducks unders the wild swing.

A bolt sails the air from Seba´s crossbow and sinks on one gnoll´s shoulder

Percivillus and Soma team up with Thokk. The bard´s sword just bounce on the gnoll´s armor, but distracts it enough so he doesn´t notice Soma´s attack! With a mighty leap, the monk jumps and hits it hard on the mouth, making the beast spit blood. The hyena-headed humanoid swings back with it´s axe, but Soma blocks it´s arm and struggles with the beastmean until it starts retreating. However, the two remaining gnolls move in and attack Percivillus and Thokk. The half orc blocks the strike with his axe, but the bard is not so lucky: the gnoll´s axe hits him hard on the side.

The female elf tends the wounded elf´s injuries.

[Mirdor-Notice that Bane has a range of 50 feet. If you want to reach G3, you had to move your maximum movement- 20 feet. Since you must have a hand free to cast splls with somatic components, we´ll assume that you have your shield on, but not your mace. This is important, since you must spend a move action to draw your weapon.
The bane spell was sucessful- two of them were affected.

Thokk couldn´t charge G1: there was a rok in his path. However, he could just move and attack.

Seba moved 5 feet, ending behind the tree´s trunk, loads the crossbow, and shoots.

Soma can charge G2, but doing so would have earned him an attack of opportunity from G1, so instead he charges G1, scoring a critical hit!

Percivillus can´t charge G2 for the same reason Thokk couldn´t (I swear I placed the rocks randomly J ) but instead can move and attack G1.

If you prefer me not to correct your actions in this way and instead asks for new instructions, tell me. If you can´t do something, I always try to make your character do the most similar thing instead.

Don´t forget your special abilities: rage, stunning fist, and bardic music. And notice that you have now plenty of opportunities to flank you opponents if you make 5 foot steps or use your Tumble skill; though remember that Tumble is risky.

Status: Percivillus 1 / 7 HP, others at full strenght]


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