All that glitters...


Percy´s lute plays a sweet melody; it´s only sound makes he young boy breathe easier and finally falls asleep. The parents thank you profusely, and do their best to make your stay here comfortable.

"Are you serious when you said that about bringing the hermit?" says Calder. "As I said before, two friends of mine went to find him four days ago, hey had to be here already. Ah, I wish I were younger."

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"We can attempt to find your hermit, but I fear there is more at work here than we can see. St. Cuthbert shall see that order is restored to your village and all wrongdoers will be judged."

The cleric seems to liven up at the thought of enacting the justice of St. Cuthbert. His appearance still remains stern and it is obvious that he is a well disciplined soldier. His blond hair is cut into a high and tight, he is clean shaven, and his posture is excellent.


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Percy continues his song, its obvious he is very into it. As soon as the last note is finished, he responds, "Yes sir, I was very serious about finding the hermit, as of right now I have no plans of higher importance. Whenever an innocent life is at stake, I take pleasure in saving it."


"That´s grat news!" says Calder. "The good gods heard my prayers and guided you here, I´m sure. But now it´s late; please eat and rest, the way to the hermit´s is long and difficult."

The night passes uneventfully. The next morning, Calder and his wife prepare your breakfast; when it´s finished the villagers comes with a bundle of clothes.

Inside is a breastplate of the finest quality. "This belongs to my family; I wore it when I was younger. Since the forest is dangerous, I want you to have it while you´re there."

[It´s a masterwork breastplate. Decide if and who will wear it]

After that Calder introduces you a tall man, dressed in a dark brown studded leather armor and equally dark cloak. "He´s Vania." says. "A guide. He knows where the hermit lives and offered to go with you."


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A newly refreshened (and non-thirsty for ale, thanks to Calder and his wife) Thokk showed his appreciation to Calder by shaking his hand.

"Be surprised, because it's not often I do that," he said, showing psuedo-machismo.

Turning to Vania, the Half-orc gives him a once over.

"Seems to be fine by me. Welcome to the group." he said, offering his hand for shaking (and obviously already breaking his tough talk to Calder).

The breastplate was shiny and bright, which Thokk, while easily amused, didn't take kindly to.

Speaking to the rest of his companions (including the newly joined Vania): "One of you take it, I have no need for this armor. My scars are my pride."


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"WOW! This is a very nice piece of armor... I would... if I could...but I cant..." Percy looks dissapointed that he cant use the armor. "Someone else must use it, would be a shame to see it not used."

OOC: Actually shaff bards can wear medium armor and the breast plate is medium armor. the only downside is its spell failure of 25%.

Mirdor looks at the armor and then to the rest of the party.

"I will use this generous gift if every one else refuses."


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"I have no use for that metal. Looks nice and shiny though..."

Seba looks apprasingly at the armor. He thinks to himself, that could fetch a nice bounty on the market


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(yes, I know that I can use it, but I don't want spell failure at all, which would be incorperated with wearing it.)

"Yes, Mirdor should use it, he is our cleric after all."

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