All the Different Types of Halflings


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Well, the gnome section was short enough, but since halflings were just a fantasy creation to begin with (with no bearing to reality, I mean), I think this list will be the shortest.

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And away we go...

Once again, correct me if I'm wrong.

- Cerillian Halfling: Similar in appearance to Hairfoots (see below). Refugees from the Shadow World demiplane that can see into that world. They live pretty much as Hairfoots do on other worlds, in human settlements or their own shires.
- Shadow World Halfling: The halflings who stayed behind. Three different races: the tyrannous Lords, the downtrodden Slaves, and the heroic Freedom Fighters.

Dark Sun:
- Athasian Halfling: Primitive halflings that look most like Lightfoots (MM). Known for their cannibalistic habits. Well, not really cannibalistic, because they don't eat other halflings.
- Renegade Halflings: These ones do eat other halflings. Tribal and dangerous.
- Rhul-thaun: Don't know much about them. Makers of 'life-shaped creations': constructs that look like living things.

There are no halflings native to Krynn. Instead, they have kender.
- True Kender: The kender of Ansalon. Friendly, annoyingly chirpy, and completely kleptomaniacal. Kender love to taunt foes, and no absolutely no fear. They look like slightly wizened miniature elves.
- Afflicted Kender: When the Dragon Overlords came from across the sea in the Fifth Age, the red overlord, Malystyx, conquered the kender homeland and many True Kender were subjected to her Dragon Fear. The survivors of the attack are now Afflicted Kender, always nervous and worried. Unfortunately, this affliction seems to be hereditary.
- Taladas Kender: Two groups of these. The Marak Kender were hit hard by the Cataclysm and forced into a squalid existance, and are now always suspicious that people are trying to steal from them. The Rainward Isles Kender, on the other hand, live among the island humans and dwarves, and are pretty much the same as True Kender.
- Kendar: These kender live underground in Chorane, a great series of caves and rifts at Krynn's south pole. They are fearless like True Kender, and often find work as mercenaries for the Theirwar dwarves and the three human cultures who live in Chorane. They refuse to believe anything at all that they haven't seen with their own eyes.

Forgotten Realms/Al-Qadim/Kara-Tur/Maztica:
- Anchorome Halfling: Tribal halflings from the continent north of Maztica, similar to Native Americans in culture.
- Ghostwise: See FRCS 3E and 'Races of Faerun'.
- Lightfoot: See MM.
- Maztican Halfling: Savages who live in the jungles of Maztica, similar to South American natives.
- Shu: Small tribesmen from the Malatran subcontinent ('Living Jungle', between Kara-Tur and Zakhara), related to either halflings or gnomes. Xenophobic and cowardly, hate to be alone.
- Strongheart: See FRCS 3E and 'Races of Faerun'.
- Zakharan Halfling: Like all nonhumans, yada yada, live side-by-side with humans.
- In 2E, the halflings of Faerun were Hairfoots, Tallfellows, and Stouts, but they've been replaced by the new ones in the FRCS hardcover. Collectively, Faerunian halflings call themselves Hin.

- Known World Halfling: Identical to Hairfoots. They call themselves Hin, like those of Faerun.
- Savage Coast Halfling: They look like Stouts, but are integrated into human society. They are native primarily to Cimmaron County... kind of a fantasy version of Texas. There, it was a dwarf and a halfling (Smithy and Westron) who invented the wheellock pistol.

- Planar Halfling: Any halfling born on the planes.

- Ravenloft Halfling: Descended from Lightfoots. See RL3E.
- Ravenloft Kender: Found only in the domain of Sithicus, which came to Ravenloft from Krynn. They have become barbaric and insane, and their pranks are deadly. Before returning to Krynn, the realm's old darklord, the death knight Lord Soth, created the first and only vampiric kender from them.

- Anadian Halfling: Dark-skinned halflings from the planet Anadia, the first planet from the sun in the Realms' solar system. They inhabit the fertile poles. Each pole is controlled by a single nation, and the two nations are always at war. They are Anadia's sole inhabitants.
- Furchin: aka Polar Halfling. Originally from the remote, icy planet of Falakyr, the Furchin were discovered by an evil spacefaring wizard and many were enslaved. Some escaped in various ports, and can now be found in small numbers throughout the Known Spheres. They are known as the only halflings with facial hair, and the males often grow long beards. On Falakyr, the Furchin live much as real-world Eskimos.
- Wildspace Halfling: Hairfoots (and assumedly Lightfoots) are also found throughout space.
- Unfortunately, so are kender. Damn stowaways.

World of Greyhawk (MM, all)
- Lightfoot
- Stout: aka Deep Halfling
- Tallfellow

Halflings from Earth
- According to the good professor, Hobbits are still out there...

Halflings from no particular campaign setting
- Hairfoot: The predecessors to Lightfoots, from pre-3E. Friendly and peaceful, live in shires, pretty much the same as Tolkien's Hobbits.
- Jerren: See 'Book of Vile Darkness'.
- Wild Halfling: aka Brambling. See the CC.

Halfling crossbreeds
- 'Dwarves Deep' mentions dwarf/halfling crossbreeds.
- I think elf/halflings have been mentioned somewhere or another.
- The DMG mentions gnome/halflings.
- Wisplings are demonic planetouched from the 'Fiend Folio'.

And there it is. Orcs next, I presume?
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Holy Fleurking Snith! Lord Soth is back on Krynn? How in Hades did he escape Ravenloft? And did he bring his bride (Kitiara Majere) with him back?


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i remember a "furchin" halfling... probably from the 2E Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings...


I don't really remember the series or author, but I think it was the Iron Tower Duology ...

anyway they had a halfling like race, (very lightfoot like), that had eyes that resembled gems and they could see extremely far away.


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Recovered from Yahoo cache:

01-03-06, 04:15 PM

And a few more:

Aquatic Halfling (Race from Underdark)
Arctic Halfling (Race from Underdark)
Desert Halfling (Race from Underdark)
Jungle Halfling (Race from Underdark)
Shoal Halfling (Race from Stormwrack)
Tundra Halflings (Race from Frostburn)
Unsheltered Halfling (Warcraft race from Dragon #320)
Water Halfling (Race from Underdark)

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Shade said:
Recovered from Yahoo cache:

01-03-06, 04:15 PM

And a few more:

Aquatic Halfling (Race from Underdark)
Arctic Halfling (Race from Underdark)
Desert Halfling (Race from Underdark)
Jungle Halfling (Race from Underdark)
Shoal Halfling (Race from Stormwrack)
Tundra Halflings (Race from Frostburn)
Unsheltered Halfling (Warcraft race from Dragon #320)
Water Halfling (Race from Underdark)
Yes, but which halfling can I have as a cohort, henchman, or PC who physically looks human by being 5 ft. and 5 in. tall and with a human weight range? In other words, I want my character to be medium or man-sized so that I can be a nonhuman half-a-man who looks human. For ADandD 2nd edition, does a 5 ft. and 5 in. tall halfling who has a human weight range count as a created new race or does it count as a subrace--does a different subrace count as a created new race?

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