D&D 5E Almost a tpk


Last session "lvl 9" a few of our PC's met their demise. Wasn't the dms fault, we roleplayed true to our characters and let them get into a little too much trouble. Our whole party enjoys this type of play because we enjoy experiencing good/bad ramifications for our characters actions and the agency it gives us. However now I and a few others need to create new lvl 9 characters.

I already have his backstory etc just had a question

I am going lvl 8 samurai fighter. Going melee archer with, elven accuracy, sharpshooter, crossbow expert. And 1 lvl of wizard< needed for backstory

We normally have 1 medium combat and 1 really difficult combat lasting over 5 rounds. Last session a lvl 9 monk ac 21 I think was destroyed in 1 turn "his own fault"

My dilemma is, should I for my next lvl get the fighters indomitable, wizards portent, or war wizards +2 ac/+4 saves.

My stats are:

Str 10
Dex 20
Con 18
Int 16
Wis 8
Cha 8

Thank you
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War Wizard. Statistically +4 to saves is almost as good as Indomitable's reroll and you can use it every time you can use a reaction. Frankly it's a bit broken for martial multiclasses, since the main cost is not being able to cast a spell the next turn (...oh well!). Since you're an archer who won't be missing out on attacks of opportunity by burning your reaction it's even better.

+3 initiative is nothing to sneeze at either.

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