Amazon ratings of Ghosts of Saltmarsh


Rotten DM
Here is a wacky idea (just spit-balling here): go to your local game/hobby or book store, pick up a copy, look through it, then decide for yourself if you think it is a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5-star piece of work. :lol:
That crazy talk. You are a weirdo. ........ Checks the LFGS Facebook page to see if his copy is in. :)


Rotten DM
I generally don't rate products on Amazon due to the fact that 90% is my wife's stuff. Or they ask me for a review before I either get the product, or have not use it a lot.
However I do review all the books (except 5e ones)
5 stars, I enjoyed the book. It made me laugh out loud, cry, or want to slap a character.
4. It was fun but not a 5.
3. I enjoyed but it had some flaws or it was just junk/popcorn/beach fiction.
2. One trope too many, or same book different author, or messy.
1. I started writing the review while I was reading it. This is bad. Ex "Alien Hunters" by Daniel Arenson. This was so bad I had delete it from my kindle and amazon account but not my to be read list. Downloaded it again. Got 30 pages in. File 13
The Green Knight by Chris Dietzel marketed as Green Knight meets Star Wars. Lots of Padding.

Now I will give 3 stars for stuff outside my normal zone, it was ok. I got a free romance novel which had a light scific element. I gave 3 stars.