D&D 5E Angel's Bacchanalia: Holiday Feasts & Celebrations for D&D

Angel's Bacchanalia: Holiday Feasts & Celebrations for D&D has JUST launched on Kickstarter...

Angel's Bacchanalia: Holiday Feasts & Celebrations for D&D has JUST launched on Kickstarter. Click here to pledge now!

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Prepare to feast with a delicious solstice adventure, plus a selection of mythical meals, gastronomical spells, and fantasy themed drinks! Bring the celebrations to your D&D games, and create your own traditions and celebrations in your campaigns.
  • An adventure that invites your players to a solstice festival where a mysterious angel forgives all sins and no depravity goes unindulged...
  • 9 exceptional enchanted gourmet meals which grant special powers, such as bulette on the halfshell or plates of owlbear wings.
  • A dozen gastronomical spells from the simple boil to the mighty dragon hunter's feast.
  • Guidance for creating your own new year traditions and birthday celebrations in your campaigns, rules for aging, plus four recipes for fantasy themed drinks (alcohol free options too!) for your player.
Click here to pledge now!

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If this was actually what the title claimed, i’d be pretty interested. The front of the box is exciting, the back of the box is a huge letdown. This pretty much is standard for your kickstarters,quickstarters, I’m drawn in by the promise, horribly let down by the content. “Ooo, I want to run a feast, or festival, maybe 2 or 3 we’ll laid out plans and stuff for both?” Oh no, a scant few pages of stuff you might use to spice up an already done one, and a bland adventure no one wants.

The back of the box for these is always honest, always says what you get, and it always hugely disappointing. I’d like one of these to be as good as the promise of the advertised idea once.

edit to add: I fully understand you’re trying to sell what you have, I just wish maybe you started with what you are going to advertise, and try to make the product live up to that.
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