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D&D 5E Angels/Celestials of Different Races

Urriak Uruk

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I imagine dwarf or even orc angels would look a bit like Stormcasts. Giant armored suits of armor, here to bash your heads.


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Dragon Lover
I'm a big fan of the idea of celestial beings that serve a particular deity having an appearance that matches said deity, whether in relation to the creatures that deity is associated with or the portfolios and domains that deity maintains. I'm also a fan of these angelic beings being able to serve any deity regardless of alignment/morality/domain/etc.

So for example, Bahamut and Tiamat would have angels that would take the shape of draconic creatures, from smaller angels being more like dragonborns or other draconic humanoids, and more powerful angelic beings being full on dragons in appearance. Though for Tiamat, her angelic servants may look more fiendish and bursting with dangerous energies associated with the five chromatic dragon's damage types while Bahamut's servants are more regal, wearing gleaming armor and shining with holy radiance and the biting cold of the northern wind.


5e Freelancer
Was this supposed to be tagged 4e rather than 5e?

I bring it up because while in 4e angels served all deities, in 5e angels are LG and only serve LG, NG, or CG deities. Prior to 4e angels also only served good deities, and could themselves be any good alignment.

Just in case any new players are reading this and getting as confused as I was
No, it's meant to be labeled 5e (though D&D General might have been a better tag). I've never played 4e. I just like the idea that celestials can serve more deities than just the typical Good gods (in my world, they can also serve the Neutral gods, and very, very rarely the evil gods, but that's typically for fallen angels).
(or maybe you have a really unique take on a CG Raven Queen...)
My Raven Queen is . . . different, yes. She's Lawful Neutral and is my world's sole Goddess of Death and the Afterlife, and Vecna is trying to overthrow her and absorb her portfolios (because then he could feed even more souls to his phylactery and become the most powerful god in my world). The Raven Queen created these Necrotic Shadar-Kai Angels because of this conflict between her and Vecna, and they're her generals and messengers in the war. That's why they're good at killing undead, because that's quite literally what they were made for.


This is quite a simple concept, but one that D&D doesn't seem to do that often (from what I've seen).
I suggest checking out the Celestials of 2e such as in the Monstrous Compendium Outer Planes Appendix and the planescape compendiums.

No Guardinal has a human head.

The Eladrin are explicitly elf looking, etc.

There are still humanoid looking devas, solars, planetars, and trumpet archons, but a lot of non-human ones for D&D.

This carried over to 3e as well.

I suggest checking out the Celestials of 2e such as in the Monstrous Compendium Outer Planes Appendix and the planescape compendiums.

No Guardinal has a human head.
Guardinals can vary between looking more humanlike or more animal like depending on which plane they're closer to. Generally those in the Beastlands will be more animal-like.

The way I see it an Equinal (a Horse Guardinal) can look like Sarah Jessica Parker (a human who looks the closest to a Horse to me) or can look like Bojack Horseman. And that may be the difference of being based in Bytopia or the Beastlands.

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