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WOIN Any plans to do campaigns or add-ons for NOW?


Eternally Eternal
So in the past year or so Woin has become my go to system to run. Love the system and I love how the NEW, NOW, and OLD scenarios can plug an play with each other. But i have noticed that while NEW and OLD have had a lot of additions to them through the EONS magazine and such, NOW has kind of been the red headed step child of the three with almost nothing outside the main book. Are there any plans to give it some add-ons or missions?

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  • Spirits of Manhatten
  • Dark Decade: From Dust To Dawn
  • The Possessed (coming soon!)

I also would love to see more WOIN stuff!! If we have Ghostbusters, From Dusk Till Dawn, and the Poltergeist series with the serial numbers filed off, we could use G.I. Joe, Transformers, A-Team, and Starblazers. :-D

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