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Anything like "Old" Iron Kingdoms around ?


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What I mean by this is what the initial 3 adventures hinted at as a setting. (Mostly the 1st and 3rd ones.)

The direction they ended up going with IK is cool and all, but I was entranced by the sort of "gaslight - dark" theme they had going with the descriptions of Corvis as a canal city of mists and ghosts, the monsters, the devils, the "grime" and such.

The focus on 'mechs and 'mercs was obviously a good one! But it's not the feel I want - i was hoping it would lean more on the witchcraft, pre-industrial kinda steam(magic)tech, and on the darkness of fiends and such. Something that leans towards a Grim Dawn-like setting... Actually the Grim Dawn universe seems like an excellent description (but, something pre-Grim Dawn(the event), if that makes any sense...)

I've not found much in that vein...

Also! If there's anything like the Eternal (the card game) setting around - that would be most excellent (I'm aware of the wiki, but it is rather thin...)

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It's not an exact fit, but you might check out the indie game Blades in the Dark by John Harper, with its Duskvol setting. Ectoplasm streetlights, Whisper magic, demonic leviathans, etc. There's a lot there in feel that delivers on some of what was promised in the setting of those original Witchfire adventures.

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