Aquatic Race: Locathah

I have set back to work on creating a completely aquatic campaign. But to do this I have set out to create a line of aquatic PC races. Be sure to read the descriptions, because I have altered the races somewhat to make them more distinct (Sea elves are more than just elves that live underwater) and in some cases I have altered the description and abilities to the point where they less resemble the originals. I have decided to post the races one by one so that they could be commented on individually.

I have to give kudos to steve bartell ( ) whose ideas I have shamelessly taken and molded to my own desires. ;] If you visit his site, be sure to look under the fathoms link where he has a handbook for a 2e aquatic campaign. (note that I have take ideas such as the Hai-Nu and Octofolk from him.)


There is one thing that drives the race of Locathah over all others: Shells. Locathah desire them over all other things in the world, generally speaking. Locathah are a race of undersea traders, who scour the oceans for the elusive shells. Greed is certainly not a dirty word to a Locathah.

Personality: Locathah are a very talkative race. They enjoy being with races different than their own, unlike the other races. In fact, at times the locathah are what keep the ocean peoples together, so they enjoy diplomatic pursuits as well. But more often, what drives them to associate with so many others is their desire for shells, trade, wealth, and the bounty it provides. While some locathah are miserly, many locathah are quite generous and enjoy giving and receiving gifts. They also enjoy the comforts that their wealth can bring them.

Physical Description: Locathah are typically tall and lanky, with features strongly resembling a fish. their 4 fingered hands and three toed feet are heavily webbed, as well as fins on their upper and lower arms, calves, and a large crowning fin on their head. Their thin scales come in a variety of colors, some similar to varieties of ocean going fish. However to non-locathah they all look the same. In fact, the gender of a locathah is only hinted at by a pair of ochre stripes showing the egg sacs. That, and the locathah’s voice.

Relations: Locathah try to maintain a healthy relationship with all the races of the sea, despite the difficulties this sometimes brings. They enjoy the company of Elves for the protection that they bring, as well as their fine craftsmanship of weapons. Hai-Nu are difficult to get along with due to their need for privacy, but the locathah are pretty much the only race that sees them on a regular basis. Merfolk and locathah get along famously, because they share the same diety. Quirden are welcome companions, as well.

Alignment: Locathah are typically lawful in alignment. They enjoy racial unity and strive for unity among all races. However, the ordinary locathah is not very strongly disposed toward an adventuring career. Most adventuring locathah tend to be neutral or chaotically aligned. Good is also a common alignment, but the greedier and miserly types tend to lean toward a neutral or even evil alignment.

Locathah Lands: Locathah like to build their homes in large trading hubs beneath the sea, where they can have access to trading routes. While they are comfortable living in warmer climes, locathah live where the shells can be found.

Religion: Locathah jointly revere the goddess Eadro with the Merfolk. She is a benevolent and generous goddess, however locathan religion tends to color her teachings and focus on themes of acquisition and trade. The goddess serves both races equally well, so there is little dispute between the races. Besides, that would be bad for business.


Adventurers: Despite their abundance, locathah do not typically take the path of adventurer. Those who do are typically different in outlook than a typical locathah, which is why a majority of locathah are rogues. Their wily nature lends them well to the profession, despite the chaotic bent of the class.

Locathah Racial Traits

·+2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, -2 Strength: Locathah are both wily and charismatic, traits that are valuable to traders. However, locathah tend to be lazy and thus have less strength.

·Medium-size: As Medium-size creatures, locathah have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

·Locathah base speed is 40 feet.

·Low-light Vision: Locathah can see twice as far as normal in low-light conditions.

·Negotiation: A locathah gets a +2 bonus to all Appraise, Diplomacy, Listen, and Sense Motive checks.

·Profession: A locathah gets 2 free ranks in any profession skill of
her choice.

·Protected Mind: A locathah gets a +2 bonus to save against mind-affecting spells and psionics.

·Trader: A locathah begins play with 1.5x the normal amount of shells, and thereafter can make opposed diplomacy checks to save 5% on significant purchases. (DM’s discretion)

·Automatic Languages: Common, Locathah. Bonus languages: Elven, Hai-Nu, Merr, Octofolk, Quirden, Triton. Locathah associate a great deal with other races of the deep, but rarely with evil creatures.

·Favored Class: Rogue. A multiclass locathah’s rogue class does not count when determining whether she suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing (see Experience for Multiclass Characters, page 56, PHB) Adventuring locathah are often offbeat members of their race who desire the great riches the class can bring.

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