[Arcane Row - Venza]The Mystic Pearl


Borric steps into the shops for some browsing. "Oy! Shopkeep, show me what you got for armor and weapons. I have gold to spend."

He looks around at several things, wondering what he will buy.

OOC: Still thinking and need to figure it out before deciding if I am going to be crafting.

+3 Adamantine Platemail (%30) (1d100=85) - Nope
+2 Adamantine Platemail (%50) (1d100=61) - Nope
+3 Darkwood Heavy Shield (%75) (1d100=57) - Available (Bought 8257gp)
+3 Cloak of Resistance (%75) (1d100=5) - Available (Bought 9000gp)
Boots of Striding and Springing (%75) (1d100=55) - Available (Bought 5500gp)
Eyes of Eagle (%75) (1d100=60)- Available (Bought 2500gp)
CLW Wand (%75) (1d100=8)- Available (Bought 750gp)
+1 Holy Mithral Flail (%60) (1d100=7)- Available (Bought 20508gp)
+1 Chain Shirt (%75) (1d100=34)- Available (Bought 1250gp)

Selling Shield, +1 Heavy Steel 1170 gp
Selling +1 Shock Flail 8308 gp
Selling MWK Silver Morningstar 398 gp
Selling +2 Cloak of Resistance 4000 gp
Selling MWK Chain shirt 250 gp

Buying 47765gp
Selling 14126gp

Total Transaction costs 33639gp
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Sylvain wanders in and pushes Borric in the back in a playful manner. "Watch out, man. Serious patronage here! Get your nasty armor out of the way.I need a new headband.

Syl looks at the new headband to see if any of them are what he is searching for.

Headband of Vast Intelligence +4 (16,000 gp) 1d100=35 Found!

Selling: Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 (2,000 gp)

Total Transaction cost 14, 000


Thinking over things, Syl wasn't quite happy with just getting his headband. "We need to do some dickering, Shopkeep. If I can find more gear, I have some items for trade that you might find interesting."

OOC: Looking to buy:

Pearl of Power (1st level) 1,000 gp) 1d100=81 NOT FOUND
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 (4,000 gp) 1d100=29 FOUND
Cloak of Resistance +3 (9,000 gp) 1d100=47 FOUND
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (750 gp) 1d100=2 FOUND

Bracers of Armor +1 (1,000 gp)
Figurine of Power, Bronze Griffon (10,000 gp)
Cloak of Resistance +2 (4,000 gp)

So total purchased was 13,750, and total sold was 15,000, meaning I get 1,250 gp back in change!


"Well, this excess money is burning a hole in my pocket,Waltor," Syl talks to his scorpion as he walks to the door. "Let's see what high level scrolls they might have."

Looking to buy:

Scroll of Teleport (1125 gp) 1d100=20 FOUND
Scroll of Summon Monster V (1,125 gp)
1d100=24 FOUND


Tanglefoot Bag 50 gp

Total expenses: Total purchased was 2,250 gp. Total sold was 50 gp. Therefore, total spent in this transaction was 2,200 gp.



A man clad mostly in greens and browns steps into the shop, a bubbly half-elf chatting him up about something in the shop windows they just passed. He gives the man at the front counter a nod and shrug, then quickly surveys the shop.

"You're right, Tyrien," he says to the half-elf as he hefts an especially shiny breastplate. "Mithral's got a good heft. This, yes?" he says, laying the breastplate on the counter. "Now, what do you have that'll help a bowman?"

The shop keeper, after rooting around, can do little more than apologize to the red-haired archer. Eanos merely shrugs.

"Sometimes the best secrets take a while to find. Your workman can construct bracers to sharpen my eye and aim, yes?"

"My bow. Heard of an enchantment to cut through fog?"

"Oh! We have that enchanter on hand!" the shopkeep says, calling over a lithe woman in dark robes worked with runes. She nods, and takes the bow briefly to the back as Eanos produces the coin to pay for his purchases and files the paperwork for the bracers he has commissioned. Eanos produces a wand in the exchange as he realizes he has need of more coin than he at first bargained for, which buys some more time for the enchanter. By the time he's done, the woman returns, presenting the bow with little fanfare. Eanos draws back the string, considering then nods and gives a small smile.


OOC: IC is down. Went with coyotecode:

+1 Seeking comp longbow +1 str: 1D100 = = 90 No luck there.

And... now I can't get the coyotecode roller to do any more rolls. WTF. Sigh. Well, screw this. I'll just commission the bracers and come back to pick them up. :mad: For the love of ... somewhere the math on Eanos' sheet went into the abyss, so it doesn't look like he actually has enough for the bracers, anyway. Sigh.

I'm refluffing the 'sell old bow, get new bow' into adding an enchantment, since I'm paying off the commissioning for that, anyway. I'll account for it as a sale / buy below, though, to keep things clean.

Starting coin: 14,224.58 gp12473.58 gp

Selling: MW Chain Shirt (250 gp)
+1 Composite Longbow +1 Str (2,500)
Full Wand CLW (750)

New funds total: 15973.58

Buying: +1 Mithral Breastplate from stock 5,200 gp (will update after posting).

Commissioning: Bracer's of Falcon's Aim (4,000 gp). Ready Sept. 18
+1 Seeking Composite Longbow +1 Str (8,500). Buying off the 27 day commission time with 1 DMC.

Total spent: 13700 gp

Remain: 2273.58 gp
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Garadh enters the shop. After Eanos is finished, he goes up to the shopkeeper. "I am looking for a new weapon ... hmmm, this silver morningstar looks good to me." He tests its weight in his hand. "Yes, I definitely want this one... and - ah! this shield... wonderful. I'm looking for some new armor as well..."

OOC: Buying MWK silver morningstar (398 gp) and +1 light wooden shield (1,153 gp) from inventory. I'm also buying (mundane) masterwork scale mail (200 gp).

Sell back light wooden shield (3 gp), flail (8 gp), studded leather (25 gp).

Total spent: 1751 gp
Get back: 36 gp
Remaining: 4530 gp
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The soldier, finally home from his long trip, makes his first stop at the pearl, to off load some of the goods he has earned from his latest adventure.

Once he got the transaction finished, Aradra asks the man "I am looking for a few items. Specially, something that will allow me to move quicker, so if I need to make a hasty exit I can run or Fly out."

"Ah, yes. I know just the thing. Just got it in this morning see. Boots of Speed. Click the heals once, and watch as you move in a super quick speed that none will be able to stop you. Allows quickness of weapon attack to, so I've heard."

Aradra nods, then takes a stroll around the shop. Seeing a nice headband, Aradra goes over to inspect it, but the label reads "For smart people"

With a small laugh Aradra looks over to the shop keeper and asks "You have one of these for wiser people than the wizarding sort?" With a sad look the shop keeper shakes his head. "We do have something to replace that broken helmet of yours. Should actually save you from a shot to the head. Also, you seem to be an archery type. I have 2 more items that would interest you; A ring that will let you go on longer scouting missions, and some bracers that will improve you aim, and let you find softer targets."

With a nod Aradra says "I'll take them. Also, do you have any more of these wands available?" He holds up a wand that says "Healing"

Seeing the man shake his head Aradra shrugs and says "I think that will be it for now. I'll be back if I think of something else."
[sblock=Purchasing Time]
Glove of Storing: 1d100=98 Nope :(
Boots of Speed: 1d100=70 Yes! - 12000
Unshakable Resolve: 1d100=92 Nope :(
+2 Wisdom headband: 1d100=99 Nope :( :(
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier 1d100=43 Yes! - 5000
Ring of Sustanence: 1d100=61 Yes! - 2500
Wand of CLW (in Shop) - 750
Bracers of the Falcon's Aim: 1d100=19 Yes! - 4000
2nd wand of CLW: 1d100=78 Nope :(

Total Items: 24,250
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The door slowly creaks open and a shaggy bearded, grey haired old wizard pushes his way into the store. He walks as though in a daze up to the counter where he remains standing, staring blankly into space. Upon the third call of 'Can I help you old fellow?' Relic finally snaps back to the here and now mumbling something about needing to see what they had in stock before being able to make up his mind.

"You see this fine belt? Well, I would like a similar enchantment, only weaker... You have one. Good ... Hrmph. SO Let me think some more..."

+2 Belt of Mighty Constitution=66 Present!

The shopkeeper sighs. After some time and much mumbling into his beard Relic establishes exactly what there is and what there is not present within the confines of the store. Items of interest include:

Lesser Metamagic Rods: Silent=72; Bouncing=12 Both Present!
Efficient Quiver=100 Not Present
Handy Haversack=1 Present
Pearl of Power lvl 2=100 Not Present
Scrolls: Confusion=66; Mad Monkeys=20;Gust of Wind=87
Bind Lesser Planar Ally=4; Magic Jar=59
Wand: Glitterdust=47

"Well, let's get started then" Relic mutters, dumping the belt he originally showed on the counter alongside another large assortment of items.

Relic began selling off his loot:

OOC: Sell:

+4 Belt of Mighty Constitution +16000 gp
+1 Darkwood Spellstoring Quarterstaff +8340
2 x Lvl 1 Scrolls (Hypnotism, Moment of Greatness) +50 gp
1 x Lvl 2 Scroll (Spontaneous Immolation) +150 gp
2 x Lvl 3 Scroll (Loathsome Veil; Howling Agony) +750 gp
2 x Lvl 4 Scroll (Fleshworm Infestation; Malicious Spite) +1400 gp
Unused Spell Scribing Ink: +780 gp
Back Pack +2 gp
Total Sold = +27,472 gp

+2 Belt of Mighty Constitution -4000 gp
+2 Headband of Vast Intelligence (In Store already) -4000
Lesser Metamagic Rod, SIlent -3000
Lesser Metamagic Rod, Bouncing -3000
Handy Haversack -2000
lvl 3 Mad Monkeys -375
lvl 4 Confusion -700
lvl 5: Planar Binding, Lesser; Magic Jar -2250
Pearl of power lvl 1 (Already in store) -1000
Wand of Glitterdust -4500

Cloak of Resistance +2 (From previous Adventure non allocated loot) -4000

-28825 gp

28825 - 27472 = 1353 gp Total Spent

Relic hands over the excess gold required and sweeps the gear into his new haversack. "I may be back. There is something I need to look into first ..." And then the crumpled old wizard rustles out the door.


Some hours later Relic reenters the Pearl. Bitterly he hands over a large and perfect pearl. "Okay. There are a few more things I will need. If you have them ... I will sell you this. What's that ... you have them all. Yes, but I knew that... didn't I?" The old fellow looks quite befuddled as he hands over the pearl. He takes in a deep breath as he does so and does not release the breath until the scrolls, wands and rods he had asked after are handed over.

Requested Scrolls All Present:
Continual Flame, Daylight, Dispel Magic, Magic Circle vs Evil (1d100=51, 1d100=27, 1d100=25, 1d100=72)
Piercing Metamagic Rod, lesser=75 Present
Wand of Prot vs Evil=32; Wand of CLW=20 Present
Wand Align Weapon=4 Present

OOC: Sell Pearl of Power lvl 3 +9000 gp
2 x Potion CLW = +100 gp

Buy Scrolls:
Continual Flame -150 gp
Daylight -375 gp
Dispel Magic -375 gp
Magic Circle vs Evil -375 gp

Master Work Tool (Book) -50 gp
Mossy Ioun Stone (Cracked) -200

lesser Metamagic Rod, Piercing -3000

Wand lvl 1: Prot vs Evil -750
Wand lvl 2: Align Weapon -4500

Total= 9775 - 9100 = 675 GP spent

Somewhere in a quiet room in a quiet part of town Relic sets to studying his new spells.
[sblock=Relic's Study]Read Magic on all Scrolls

Day 1 (3 calendar days? 3rd Oct-5th Oct)
Study Magic Circle vs Evil and take 10 on Spell Craft Check 29 vs DC 18=Success
Scribe Magic Circle into Blessed Book (3 pages); No scribing ink required
Study Dispel Magic and take 10 on Spell Craft Check 29 vs DC 18=Success
Scribe Dispel Magic into Blessed Book (3 pages); No scribing ink required
Study Continual Flame and take 10 on Spell Craft Check 29 vs DC 17=Success
Scribe Continual Flame into Blessed Book (2 pages); No scribing ink required
Total Pages used: 8 pages

Day 2 (3 more calender days? 6th Oct - 8th)
Study Daylight and take 10 on Spell Craft Check 29 vs DC 18=Success
Scribe Daylight into Blessed Book (3 pages); No scribing ink required
Study Mad Monkeys
and take 10 on Spell Craft Check 29 vs DC 18=Success
Scribe Mad Monkeys into Blessed Book (3 pages); No scribing ink required
Study Magic Jar and take 10 on Spell Craft Check 29 vs DC 20=Success
Scribe Magic Jar into Blessed Book (5 pages); No scribing ink required
Total Pages used: 11 pages

Day 3 (3 more calendar days? 9th of Oct - 11th Oct)
Study Confusion
and take 10 on Spell Craft Check 29 vs DC 19=Success
Scribe Confusion into Blessed Book (3 pages); No scribing ink required
Study Planar Binding, Lesser and take 10 on Spell Craft Check 29 vs DC 20=Success
Scribe Planar Binding, Lesser into Blessed Book (5 pages); No scribing ink required
Study Seek Thoughts and take 10 on Spell Craft Check 29 vs DC 18=Success
Scribe Seek Thoughts into Blessed Book (5 pages); No scribing ink required
Total Pages used: 11 pages [/sblock]

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The door is thrown open by a savage looking dark skinned man, marked entirely down the left side of his body with swirling tribal tatoos. He stalks up to the counter where he tosses a sack of coins and grins wildly. "Maui needs something against te tapua ... te ... huju? Te evil magics. Something that protects when Maui turns into his Cat Body. After much explanation and gesticulation Maui is finally handed a green cloak. The jungle warrior blinks at it and looks doubtfully at the shop keep. "Te blanket protects against nga Hau e Wha... te Four Winds and te Cold... I ... this? It does? Wear it? Like te lady men?" Despite his initial protests and some blushing (both on Maui's part and the shopkeepers, each for entirely different reasons) as Maui not only decides to buy the cloak but also some matching vestments which he puts in right then and there. He even hands over his prized scimitar to make the sale. He leaves the store with a spring in his step.

Cloak of Resistance +2=38
(Purchased -4000 gp)
Amulet of Natural Armour +1=99
Rod of Lesser Extend=86
Druid's Vestments=7 (Purchased -3750 gp)

Sell Scimitar +1 (+2315 gp)

7750 - 2315 = 5435 gp spent in total


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Down the street comes a strange singing and the shopkeeper blanches. With surprising speed, he leaps to the door, turns the sign to CLOSED and throws the bolt, then dives behind the counter out of sight.
A moment later, the handle turns. There’s slight push on the door, and then another. After a moment, the door flies open with the crack of splintering wood and a short, smelly elf steps inside. “Oyeh, fats merchant! I have more of the stupid yellows metal for you. You give me fine magics, yes? And your door, it was beings little sticky.” He peers at the CLOSED sign on the floor curiously. “More of the squiggle-marking? Is it meaning something?”

Realizing the merchant is out of sight, he strides over to the counter, reaches over, and pulls the man to his feet. “This yellows metals … and this hammers … and this axes … and this bootses … and this beltses …and this armors … you take these, okay? Then I want hat of make smarter, and boots of more faster, and belt of more stronger. And the armor of more armors. And another of the magic stick.”

The shopkeep sighs in defeat. “Yes, sir. I’ll see what I can do.”

OOC: Boots of speed (1d100=39)
Headband of Havoc (1d100=6)
Belt of Phys. Perf. +2 (1d100=42)
+1 Eelhide Studded leather (1d100=84)
+1 Darkleaf Studded leather (1d100=31)
Wand of CLW (1d100=74)
Gauntlets of Skilled Maneuver (Trip) (1d100=82)

Silvered Earthbreaker +1 2520.00 gp
Boots of Striding and Springing 5500.00 gp
Belt of Thunderous Charging 10000 gp

Boots of Speed 12000 gp
Headband of Havoc 8000 gp
Belt of Physical Perfection +2 16000 gp
Wand of CLW 750 gp
Darkleaf Studded Leather +1 1775 gp

Commissioning 3 Oct 2013:
6 Enlarge Person Potions 300 gp
Cloak of Protection +1 -> +2 3000 gp
Potion of Flying 750 gp
Armbands of the Brawler 500 gp

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
Vincenzo sniffs the air as he arrives at the pearl and realizes he took too long to get to the store. He suppresses a gagging cough and recalls a certain toad that was liberated from the foul smelling ranger he knows is within. Taking note of the crashed in door he shudders at what his imagination is brewing up of what is within the store. . . . .

He quietly enters and sees the ranger bullieing the merchant, so he meanders about selecting a few items, minding his own business.

budget: 5798

buy 2x clw potions from post 391 100 gp
buy 2x cmw potions from post 371 600 gp
buy wand of clw: 1d100=38 success! 750 gp total so far 1450 gp
buy cloak of resistance +2 from inventory post 1; 4000 gp
buy 7 clw potions from inventory post 1: 350 gp

total spent: 5798 gp and 20 silver

He politly sneaks in his purchases to the disheveled merchant and saunters off to fresh air with his recent additions to his inventory

*cough cough*

2 cmw potions
9 clw potions
wand of clw
cloak of protection +2
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Galandra enters just behind Amien with a very strange smile on her face. Mika also enters behind her human. She's so much bigger now. "Good morning... I'll be selling this good sword. I'm looking for three... no, wait, that's too heavy, make it 2 bear traps, a saddle bag and... I was wondering if you had any of these items" Galandra passes a note with the magic items. While the man looks for the magic items Galandra will take the saddlebags and turn to her leopard.

"Alright Mika. Don't move, I gotta put these on you.... Mika, stay... stay. No, no, don't bite it off! Is just a saddlebag. Don't runaway! THERE! See? Is not that bad? You can help me out with these... we can hunt big things with it"

The cat feels betrayed and sulks to the ground, giving her back to the Ranger and growling. Galandra rolls her eyes. "Fine!"

The man comes back with her items and takes note of the growling annoyed leopard on the floor of his store.

"Don't mind her, she's just throwing a temper tantrum."

After making her shopping Galandra turns to the cat. "Come, time to go" there's but a second when the leopard simply looks at Galandra, her tail agitated. "Come-ON. I'm starving, we gotta go to the Tavern for lunch." At the mention of "lunch" Mika immediately stands up and walks to her sniffing the air. "I knew that would caught your attention, come on, you glutton, let's get you a turkey"

Master Work Falchion +375gp
Master Work Buckler +155gp

Saddlebag 4gp 8lbs
x2 Bear Traps 4gp 20 lbs

+1 Falchion ................ -2,375 gp 1d100=57
Bracer's of Falcon's Aim.... -4,000 gp 1d100=35

Final Coinage: 65.21 gp
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Menik enters the shop bearing a heavy bag of coin, and sees some people he knows. "Oh, hello! Looks we we all had the same idea!"

To the merchant he explains "I'm looking for a little protection against hostile magic. Also, the following scrolls: fly, hold person, major image, mad monkeys, halt undead, and deep slumber. If you don't have them all in stock, I'm willing to pay in advance if you can procure them in a reasonable amount of time."

cloak of resistance +1, scrolls: major image and mad monkeys are in stock. Scroll: deep slumber is also in stock as it's in the listed inventory in the 1st post.

The other scrolls I'll commission, so I should be able to pick them up after 3 real-life days. That is short enough that it should be before the start of the next adventure.

cost: cloak 1000 gp, scrolls 375 x 6 = 2250 gp, writing into spellbook costs will be an additional 90 x 6 = 540 gp; total 3790 gp

In the following days, Menik spends many hours at home studying the new spells and adding them to his spellbook. He methodically goes about trying to understand them. (ooc: Take 10 on spellcraft checks, auto success.)

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
Kalinn, the noble barbarian 'princess,' enters the Pearl. She makes her way wearily to the counter and rummages through her pack, pulling out several potion bottles and an ornate belt and placing all of them on the counter. "Just give me whatever you think they're worth," she says. She waits patiently as the shopkeeper examines each of the items and carefully counts out the coin, then thanks the man and leaves.

OOC: Selling:
  • Potions of CLW (02) 100 GP
  • Potions of CMW (04) 1200 GP
  • Belt of Giant STR (+02) 4000 GP
Final Additional Gold: 5300 GP

EDIT: I'm out of time - I'll try to remember to sign in to the judges account and add these to the inventory when I get back tomorrow.
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Syl staggers into the Shoppe, looking a bit worse for wear. "Had a nasty run in with some giants. I need to make sure my spells stick, doggone it! Whadd'ya have?"

He combs the aisles, thinking about what might tickle his fancy. He moves to the section on metamagic rods, and digs in.

OOC: Looking for Lesser Rod of Persistant Metamagic, 9000 gp. 1d100=25--Purchased!

He hands over the large sack of gold and grabs his new toy.
As promised, the solider returns, looking to spend his money. "I thought I forgot something. Specifically, a back up bow, some other tools and equipment, and a few books for...light reading." That last statement Aradra seems to be unsure of, but he starts looking at some of the equipment none the less.

The first things he spies is a masterwork long bow, still made out of wood, but not with the pull back that his previous bow had. Trained to have a back up weapon, Aradra pulls it off the shelf and pulls it back to draw it. Satisfied with the strength requirement, Aradra picks up a set of silvered arrows laying next to the bow, but does not see any cold iron ones. Need to put an order of those in.

Heading over to the tools section, Aradra starts picking up other saws, nets, and other random equipment that the shop owner
asks "Sir, what are you going to do with that?" "Oh, build a hunting site out in the woods east of here. While it is nice to use the bed, I am an outdoors guy, born and raised. I need a book of the area, if you have it, and also need to put in a request for cold iron arrows."

"Books are over there, sir. I'll start an order form for the cold iron arrows now."

Heading over to the book section, Aradra spies the book he is looking for at once, but something else catches his eye. A book titled "101 Ways to Kill a Demon." Aradra pauses for a second, then picks up the book as well, and takes it over to the counter to purchase his items.
MWK Comp. Longbow (Rating +0) 400 gp
Average Living Conditions (Hunter's Camp) 100 gp
101 Ways to kill a Demon: +2 Know Planes 50 GP
The Forrest of Venza: Know Nature 50 GP
20 Cold Iron Arrows: 1d100=85 On Commission (2 gp, can be picked up 10/10/2013)
20 Silver Arrows: 1d100=71 Found (3gp)

605 GP.