[Arcane Row - Venza]The Mystic Pearl


Damaris comes with a huge smile on her face, she's almost gleaming with joy. "Well, hello there! It's been a while hasn't it!? Heehee. Let's do some business. I want to turn in this armor and I'll have that shiny gorgeous armor over there, a wand of False life and... uhm... oh that ring looks lovely, I'll take it too. Thank you so much!"

Studded Leather armor 25gp

Mithral Chainshirt +1 2,100 gp
Wand of False Life (10 charges) 450 gp

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Satin Knights

Tasanto returns to the Pearl for a bit of shopping. Having finished a simple job, he looks for simple things that will heal his wounds and improve his chances to hit things. Searching through, he finds what he needs. Not quite having enough money, he fumbles through his haversack and pulls out a few items he doesn't expect he will need. Pulling them out, he is able to settle up and still have a couple coins to buy dinner with.

-50 gp Sell a vial of antiplague
-50 gp Sell a set of masterwork manacles
-80 gp Sell a good lock (DC 30)
+4,000 gp +2 Belt of Strength (1d100=38) success
+750 gp Wand of Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon (50 charges) (1d100=14) success
..... ...
4,570 gp total spent
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=== Charity, Human Female ===

The temple guard comes into the shop ready to spend some coin. Smiling, she asks Almar how he's been since she saw him last, giving him opportunity to regale her with his last few days. Almar doesn't belabor the story long, switching to something more business-oriented in short order, "Ah, Charity is it... what can I get for you today. Hopefully more than a torch and some pitons this time, yes?"

Wincing at the reminder, Charity lists out the various things she is looking for, as if not expecting them all to be there. "I'm looking for, umm... an Ioun Torch, a Masterwork Backpack, a Cold Iron Dagger, one of the easier to move in Breastplates and a Lucerne Hammer made of that really light wood." She looks further down her list, absent-mindedly pulling a rogue lock of red hair out of her face. "Yeah... depending on which you have..."

[sblock=Darkwood Lucerne Hammer]
Darkwood Lucerne Hammer: 1D100 = [12] = 12


The shop owner thinks but for a moment, "You're in luck! All those things are for sale today at the Mystic Pearl. Just come on over and let's total it up and get you on your way!" Almar gestures Charity to the counter to pay, but she hesitates....

"All of them? I didn't plan on... all... oh... wait then," the young woman trails off her thought, standing in the middle of the room.

Shooting her a somewhat annoyed look, Almar's face softens and he gestures Charity over, "Here, show me what you have... what you are trying to do. We can work this out..." A little while later, Almar has guided Charity thorough the pro's and cons of the gear and settled on what she can afford, and how to redeem a little coin by trading old items back in.

[sblock=Sales and purchases]
Backpack (2 gp)
3 Torches (0.03 gp)
Scale Mail Armor (50 gp)
Dagger (2 gp)

Ioun Torch (75 gp)
Masterwork Backpack (50 gp)
Agile Breastplate (400 gp)
Cold Iron Dagger (4 gp)

Note: The roll for the Lucerne Hammer was a mistake on my part due to some confusion what I wanted to get. I extended that confusion to Charity.

Gold exchanged and items delivered, Charity departs the Mystic Pearl in good spirits. Saleem shoots his boss a confused look, "She had at least 20 gold left! And you let her go without finding something for her to spend it on?"

Almar turns his head to the door, then back to Saleem, "Back to work with you, Saleem..."

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
Kalinn comes again into the Pearl, this time with a more determined demeanor. She strides boldly up to the counter and pulls a large drinking horn from her belt. Putting it on the counter, she says to the little Gnome tending the shop this evening, "Take a look at this while I shop. It should be worth something."

She wends her way back and forth through the aisles, picking up items and reading their descriptions on the placards. A few she hangs on to, most she puts back with a reluctant shake of her head. Finally she returns to the counter, where the Gnome has stacked a sizable sum of gold beside the horn.

Kalinn puts her items on the counter, nodding and pushing the horn toward the Gnome. He looks at her haul and says, "I'll be needin' 4500 more in gold for that, m'Lady." Once she's taken the extra out of her pack and deposited it on the counter as well, Kalinn takes her items, nods at the Gnome, and leaves. On her way out she calls back, "I'll likely be back . . . I've got a little more burning a hole in my pocket."


Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
As the barbarian is looking back as she exits, she crashes - with considerable force - into the slender Aasimar who's trying to enter at the same time, knocking him to the ground. Thoroughly embarrassed, Kalinn reaches down to grasp his hand and offers profuse and sincere apologies as she helps him back up. Bren dusts himself off and looks at Kalinn with a smile. "It's not a problem, truly, m'Lady. No harm was done other than a little dust, and that's nothing compared to some other knock-downs I've had and easily remedied. I trust you're OK as well?"

When Kalinn answers that she's fine and hurries off, Bren enters the Pearl and begins browsing the aisles. His search seems to have no clear goal . . . he's just looking for anything that might catch his eye. He picks up two smallish pearls and continues his search until his gaze falls upon an ornamental gold brassard. When he picks it up, his eyes glow just a bit brighter and he lets out an exclamation of delight, then rushes to the counter with his finds.

Upon finding that he's not requisitioned enough cash from the Embassy, he fumbles about in his pack for a moment and brings out a wand. He hesitates for only a moment after that before taking the heavily ornamented bracers from his forearms as well.

With that, his transaction is complete and he scoops up the pearls and brassard, then makes a dignified exit.

OOC: Selling:
Bracers of Armor +3 (9000 GP)
Wand of CLW, Caster Level 5 (3750 GP)

Pearl of Power (L 01, 1000 GP, 1d100=55), Pearl of Power (L 01, 1000 GP, 1d100=15), Ghostvision Gloves (4000 GP, 1d100=97) (So, not the Gloves), and Brassard of Positive Channeling (22000 GP, 1d100=14)

Note that I'm making an assumption here: Core Rules provide for normally slotted items requiring no slot by paying double. As we adopted the Core Rules "whole hog" other than exceptions we specifically called out, and this was not one of those exceptions, I've assumed that paying double for a Phylactery of Positive Channeling to make it non-slotted is allowed. If not, let's discuss it ;).


A rugged looking warrior follows the Aasimar. Looking around at the gear, he grabs a new breast plate, one saying it was infused with magical protection, a new backback to store all his gear in, and a wand to give to a healer, in case he got hurt again.

Paying for his equipment, Tyrion nods and leaves, heading to the Dunn Wright Inn

+1 Breast Plate1d100=48
Natural Armor Neck +1 (From Inheritance)
Handy Haversack 1d100=6
CLW wand CL 1: 1d100=55

6,100 Total

MWK Breast Plate
350 Total

Old Back pack

Final: 5750
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A darkly-colored man on excellent grooming and a light step makes his way into the Pearl. He produces something lumpily rolled in leather, unrolling it to reveal a set of rather standard lockpicking tools.

"These have been perfectly serviceable as I was getting the hang of this kind of ... mechanical manipulation," he says, an barely-noticed wink accompanying his euphemism. "But I think I might like something a little more high end at this point in my career. Oh, look at that. Exactly what I was thinking." His last words are in response to the shopkeep producing a much finer set of tools and unrolling them above Ru's own.

"Now. What do you have in the way of a wand? I found myself in a bit of a pickle on my last job without a proper healing stick in the entire group. Oh! This is one, isn't it? How much for ... I beg pardon?" The man's face grows considerably paler as he hears the price on the healing wand.

"Do you think you might be getting in anything a bit less expensively potent in the next few days?" At the shopkeep's nod, he smiles. "Excellent. I'll just put in my order for that now, then, so no one else snatches it up."

OOC: Selling: Thieves' Tools (30 gp)

Buying: MW Thieves' Tools (100 gp)

Only wand in stock right now is way too expensive, so ...
Standard CLW Wand.

No go on the wand normally, but it's basically just, what, a three day wait? Looks like Ru will probably be waiting that long at least, so I'll just pay for commissioning it.

Total purchases: 750 (wand) + 100 (tools) -30 (sold) = 820 gp


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Fury enters the Mystic Pearl like he does everywhere else: with a swagger. The multitude of goods bring him up short, however, and he seeks the aid of the portly shopkeeper. The shopkeeper surprises Fury with a pair of magical boots but Fury seems intrigued by the idea of flying boots and willingly parts with the boots he is wearing. He isn't quite so willing to part with his dagger, but quickly realizes that he doesn't really need its magics any more and the grim looking Menacing dagger would bring more benefit.

Pleased with his purchases, and with a considerably lighter belt pouch, Fury exits the shop.

Winged Boots (1d100=58), 16,000 gp
+1 Menacing dagger (1d100=36), 8,302 gp
+1 composite shortbow (STR +2) (1d100=85) NOT FOUND, 2,525 gp
Hat of Disguise (1d100=50)

+1 Sap 2,301 gp
+1 Heartseeker dagger 8,302
Sandals of Quick Reaction 4,000

-1 DMC for quick commissioning of the shortbow
-14,024 gp
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Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
"I told you I'd be back!" Kalinn's exclamation precedes her into the Pearl as the door bangs open once more. "Just remembered a bit of trouble I had on my last outing that a good bow would've solved nicely, and I changed my mind about some gloves I noticed when I was here before."

She finds what she wants quickly this time, going right to the gloves and snagging them off the shelf before making a quick run through the bows and ammunition and grabbing a few items.


Satin Knights

The opening post inventory has been updated to include everything up to and including the stuff in this post.

Items that were cashed in for gold in the Rodents of Unusual Size game

720 gp Campfire Bead
450 gp Feather Token: Swan Boat
375 gp Wand of Magic Missile ~ CL 1 ~ 25 charges
250 gp Dust of Tracelessness
50 gp Potion of Endure Elements
50 gp Potion of Comprehend Languages
50 gp Potion of Enlarge Person
150 gp x2 Elixirs of Love
25 gp x2 Scrolls of Floating Disk
25 gp a Scroll of Mount
25 gp a Scroll of Unseen Servant

Items converted to little shiny pieces of yellow metal in The Forbidden Isle of Ancient Secrets game

24,000 gp ~ Cloak of Minor Displacement
8,000 gp ~ Shirt of Immolation
4,000 gp ~ Clear Spindle Ioun Stone
4,000 gp ~ +2 Headband of Alluring Charisma
3,002 gp ~ Adamantine kris dagger
2,500 gp ~ A Ring of Swimming
2,250 gp ~ Wand of Remove Curse, 10 charges
2,000 gp ~ A Cauldron of Brewing
2,000 gp ~ Feather Step Boots
2,000 gp ~ Apprentice Cheating Gloves
1,500 gp ~ 5 Potions of Levitate
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"I have finally decided what I'm looking for, Syl announces as he returns with a heavy sack of gold. "Footwear!"

OOC: Looking for a pair of Boots of Escape, 8000 gp. 1d100=70


"I have finally decided what I'm looking for, Syl announces as he returns with a heavy sack of gold. "Footwear!"

OOC: Looking for a pair of Boots of Escape, 8000 gp.1d100=70 Purchased!


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Totally forgot to add leftover items from 'The Inheritance':

Fire-forged steel longsword, 615 gp
Gloves of Reconnaissance, 2,000 gp
Shifter's Headband +2 Cha, 4,500 gp


A simply dressed tiefling enters the shop, and after a quick perusal of the specials of the day, he heads back to the scroll department where he spends a great deal of time frowning, but ultimately does walk up to the checkout counter with a number of scrolls in his hand, as well a fair bit of ink and other spellwriting supplies. After a brief, but polite, exchange with the clerk, he leaves to go home to study a bit, but stops short at the door before turning around and going to the weapons department to upgrade his weapons, on the off chance he may actually need to use them some day.

[sblock=Shopping]Handy Haversack (1d100=63) 2000
Scroll of Disguise Self (1d100=94)
Scroll of Illusion of Calm (1d100=99)
Scroll of Shadow Weapon (1d100=2) 25 gp
Scroll of Ventriloquism (1d100=97)
Scroll of Misdirection (1d100=74) 25 gp
Scroll of Phantom Trap (1d100=87)
Scroll of Symbol of Mirroring (1d100=25) 150 gp
Scroll of Displacement (1d100=26) 375 gp
Scroll of Spiked Pit (1d100=93)
Scroll of Stinking Cloud (1d100=54) 375 gp[/sblock]

MW Backpack 50 gp
Dagger 2 gp
Light Crossbow 35 gp
TOTAL 87 gp

Handy Haversack 2000 gp
Scroll of Loathsome Veil 375 gp
Wand of Comprehend Language (26 charges) 390 gp
Scroll of Howling Agony 375 gp
Scroll of Shadow Weapon 25 gp
Scroll of Misdirection 25 gp
Scroll of Symbol of Mirroring 150 gp
Scroll of Displacement 375 gp
Scroll of Stinking Cloud 375 gp
MW Dagger 302
MW Light Crossbow 335
TOTAL 4727 gp

Upon arriving at home, he settles into his study for a good week as he works to enhance his spellbook.

[sblock=copying spells into spellbook]Putting this in this post just to keep things simple.
Copying Shadow Weapon into spellbook (1d20+13=32) 10 gp
Copying Misdirection into spellbook (1d20+13=22) 10 gp
Copying Mount into spellbook (1d20+11=31) 10 gp
Copying Blur into spellbook (1d20+13=21) 40 gp
Copying Mirror Image into spellbook (1d20+13=28) 40 gp
Copying Symbol of Mirroring into spellbook (1d20+13=32) 40 gp
Copying False Life into spellbook (1d20+11=31) 40 gp[/sblock]
Total Transcribing Cost 190 gp

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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
Vincenzo steps in. he stops dead in his tracks with a scrunched up face. "is that the same lingering odor?" The shop owner sadly shakes his head. "Oh, just left, I hope?" The shop owner nods in the affirmative, his eyes watering from the stink. "Well, I might need something here. He gives a partial description and the shop owner holds his hand up, reaches under the counter and places a long sword in a scabbard. "Ah, a regular item eh? " he exchanges flashy merchants outfit, since he had changed into his explorer's outfit at home along the way. .. .. .. ..sell courtier's outfit for 30 gp, buy masterwork longsword for 315 gp. change: 15 gp


Maui follows Vincenzo through the door admonishing his cheetah companion to remain outside. He dumps a bunch of coins on the counter. "How many of te Magic Sticks will this buy?" he asks.

Wand of CLW x2 27 & 7 Both are present 750 x 2 = 1500 gp (from communal fund of 1800 gp given in 'Through the Looking Gate')

Maui pays for the two healing wands and leaves swiftly as though he has somewhere to be.

Deuce Traveler

Lem the Cook walks into the shop, whistling a tune. "Sorry, but no time for dilly-dally today. I've got a rush order, but I promise I'll come back and make you a nice pie if you stay patient enough with me."


I have over 8000gp...


Bracers of Armor +1- 1000gp
9 Flasks of Acid - 90gp

This takes me to 9127.48 gp


Bracers of Armor +2: 4000gp
Amulet of Mighty Fists +0, Flaming: 4000gp
4 Vials of Holy Water :100gp
2 Small Bottles of Cooking Wine: 4sp

Result: 1027.08gp left over

Edit: Upon the suggestion of others, I traded the Amulet of Mighty Fists +1 for an Amulet of Might Fists +0, Flaming
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Damaris enters the store mumbling something under her breath "-Calling me a liar. Did he even...? Ugh! I can't believe it!"

She turns to the clerk and hands him a small list on a perfumed parchment. Her writing is elegant and full of swirls and reads clearly the following items:

1x Acid Flask - 10gp
1x Alchemist Fire - 20gp
1x Holy Water - 50gp
1x Oil - 0.1 gp
Wand of Summon Monster 1 (13 charges) 195gp 1d100=38

Total 275.1