PF Arcane Shapechanger - Looking for help optimizing a non-optimal concept


Ok, so one of the groups I play with are not real build savy. I personally like putting a lot of effort into make the PC as good as I can. In order to not dominate the table and hog the spotlight, I make wierd concepts then optimize them as much as I can do get them back up to pretty decent.

Next, I was looking over some of the really cool polymorphing spells. Form of the dragon, becoming a giant, etc... The wierd thing I noticed is that to get the best selection of polymorph spells, you have to be a sorc, wizard, or arcanist. I would have thought druid had that locked up. But they actually don't get a lot of them. I guess it makes sense the the nature boy can't turn into a skeletal champion, but still. I figured they would be the best at it. But they aren't.

However, the arcane full casters are probably the worst at actually making use of most of the polymorph powers. Most of them are making you better at melee combat which they aren't.

The arcanist archtype Brown Fur transmuter has some interesting polymorph powers. So I want to see what can be done with it. The basic build concept is a brown fur transmuter arcanist. Offensive action will be polymorphing into what ever seems most appropriate for the encounter or problem. Maybe a dragon to awe the natives, and earth elemental to knock down a castle wall, a sharck to fight in the deeps, whatever. Other than that he would have the usual selection of utility spells (dispel magic and Detect thoughts) and group buff spells (haste and communal resist energy).

So he just needs his intelligence high enough to keep up with being able to cast his spells. his physical stats will actually be primary. That indicates a race with a bonus to a physical stat and maybe intelligence.
Was thinking first level as barbarian for the rage and martial weapon proficiences.
The aberrant sorcerer bloodline would help the polymorphing. So maybe a dip into that. Then of course I'd want to take the bloodline development exploit.
Then of course there is the shapechange sub-school for wizard and the school understanding exploit.
But 3 dips would really delay the spell casting levels to get to those polymorph spells.

What do you folks think? How would you go about it? And have you seen anyone try anything like this before? If so, how did it work out?
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