D&D General Are goblins the backbone of the economy?

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The official trend is that humanoid race can adopt any culture, any behavior.
The goblins in the monster manual are described as lazy and undisciplined, not useful as economic backbone.


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Structural unemployment is a necessity for DnD economics to function and thankfully goblins as an undisciplined and lazy race are perfectly formed to support the needs of their mercantilist overlords.

and of course in this more enlightened age we dont mention coerced labour as a form of slavery


Pretty much.

They're clearly the only ones working to earn/recover all the gold from whatever much better civilization existed before the main setting, collecting it so they might then be harvested by the Home Invasion Patrol, who then bring it back to their lairs where merchants gouge them for the basic necessities of invading homes, and then distribute it to the rest of their filthy stone and wood warrens, which are then raided by orc, hobgoblins and undead, who are themselves then home invaded, only for those home invaders to get taken out by dragons who hoard the treasure until society collapses completely again and then intrepid goblins start the cycle anew.


I tend to give 2sp for each set of ears turned in. Price goes up for other monsters, but this may make them the backbone of this economy.


It's cute OP thinks there is an economy with actual underpinnings.
The degree to which there is differs from setting to setting. Some people have settings that are 40 years old where we've had time to think about how the economy works and what happens when you have a massive influx of gold from a dragon hoard, or a tyrant's coffers are thrown open for the people to claim. Nobody thinks through all the details - but the number of details considered differs greatly across campaigns I have seen.

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