are Paladins Jedis , or

le Redoutable

Ich bin El Glouglou :)
... Jedis are more of a Rangers type ( like in Power Rangers ) ?

( I don't know why, but somewhere I wish to put a flag in Str x Int )


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IMO they are more like the Esper (Psychic Warrior), if you are using Steampunkette's Paranormal Power book. ;) If you are using Pathfinder 1st Edition, then they are like a Kineticist/Monk using the Kinetic Blade Infusion.

Kinetic Blade​

Element(s) universal; Type form infusion; Level 1; Burn 1
Associated Blasts any
Saving Throw none

You form a weapon using your kinetic abilities. You create a non-reach, light or one-handed weapon in your hand formed of pure energy or elemental matter. (If you’re a telekineticist, you instead transfer the power of your kinetic blast to any object held in one hand.) The kinetic blade’s shape is purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect the damage dice, critical threat range, or critical multiplier of the kinetic blade, nor does it grant the kinetic blade any weapon special features. The object held by a telekineticist for this form infusion doesn’t prevent her from using gather power.

You can use this form infusion once as part of an attack action, a charge action, or a full-attack action in order to make melee attacks with your kinetic blade. Since it’s part of another action (and isn’t an action itself), using this wild talent doesn’t provoke any additional attacks of opportunity. The kinetic blade deals your kinetic blast damage on each hit (applying any modifiers to your kinetic blast’s damage as normal, but not your Strength modifier). The blade disappears at the end of your turn. The weapon deals the same damage type that your kinetic blast deals, and it interacts with Armor Class and spell resistance as normal for a blast of its type. Even if a telekineticist uses this power on a magic weapon or another unusual object, the attack doesn’t use any of the magic weapon’s bonuses or effects and simply deals the telekineticist’s blast damage. The kinetic blade doesn’t add the damage bonus from elemental overflow.

The object held in one hand becomes your 'lightsaber' hilt. ;)

le Redoutable

Ich bin El Glouglou :)
well, Jedis aren't limited to Light Sabers;
they have paranormal abilities etc,
but I want to focus on the Code for usage of the Force ;)


In 3.5 you could add in either the Master of the Unseen Hand prestige class or Enlightened Fist prestige class and focus on (force) lightning. And don't forget your brilliant energy longsword!

It's feat intensive and, IIRC, doesn't "come online" until the mid levels, but it's certainly doable.


The Elephant in the Room (she/they)
I mean, you could definitely develop some parallels between the Jedi Code and a Paladin's Oath.


One day, I hope to actually play DnD.
... Jedis are more of a Rangers type ( like in Power Rangers ) ?

( I don't know why, but somewhere I wish to put a flag in Str x Int )

Thematically I’d say jedi are actually closest to druids, a vague semi-religious order all about being connected to and understanding the world’s primal fundamental energies and balancing them? you just take out the nature angle and reflavour it as cosmic psychicness, and voila: one druid turned jedi ready to go.

Tangentially i think you have your thread title backwards to the question you’re asking, it’s not if paladins are jedi but if jedi are paladins.

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