Are Superhero films dying?

Are they?

  • Yes - thanks to the occult powers of Martin Scorcese

    Votes: 27 22.0%
  • Sorta - but more settling at a lower plateau, because everything that goes up must come down

    Votes: 72 58.5%
  • Nope - just a lull; they'll be back, big time

    Votes: 24 19.5%

The amount of publicity gotten by having the actors out in the field doing interview shows, etc is enormous.
That missing because of the strike surely had an impact on recent releases.

I'm not buying the publicity angle, it'd getting tons publicity. Its just that none of it is positive.

The Fandom is just fed up with Marvel on general, and really didn't want this movie. These aren't just characters that aren't popular, they are unpopular and actively disliked, there comic lines getting alot of cancelations despite many attemps to sell them to the public.

I say that as someone who really loved the Mrs. Marvel series.

It the backlash is so bad it's hitting Madame Web.

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Though the question is "what is a super hero movie"? And really the only answer is "it's a movie with a comic book super hero in it". Is there anything else unique to Super Hero Movies?

If not, then we are just talking about making bad movies.....right?

And Hollywood just makes a ton of bad movies. The basic Hollywood idea for the last couple decides has just been "toss a movie together and toss it out there.' If it makes money then "great", if not....oh, well, toss out another movie.


Also, also, Barbie is a fantastic film that clearly resonated with a ton of people, and is made by one of the best writer/directors working today.

As for The Marvels - I'm a Marvel guy. I'm just not motivated to see their latest films. I want this to do well, mostly to annoy the vociferous types who hate anything that they deem as overly progressive, but even then I couldn't be arsed to go see it. I watched Quantumania on D+ and still regret wasting those 2 hours of my life.

I'm sure it is paying for the sins of others, to some degree. After all, a few of the Phase 1-3 films weren't that great but I still dutifully slogged through them. But lately...Marvel just needs to ask less of me. I'm not a mindless money tap for them.


Hunger games and trolls beats marvels. Clearly word of mouth is killing this movie

Now I love Pedro pascal but I’m not sold on him as mr fantastic .
Out of curiosity did you see WW84?
I only ask because his performance in it is what lets me wrap my head around it.

These aren't just characters that aren't popular, they are unpopular and actively disliked
Let me think about this, comics included.

Captain Marvel has always just been there in the comics. She didn't really get people feeling one way or the other, until the comics made her actively fascist when they had their Civil War plotline. Being the first female-led Marvel movie, made certain sections of the Internet get really insecure, and that's the Brie Larson hate train that Youtube still tries to link people to. The movie is fine, but they made her so powerful that they have to keep her off the stage, and it didn't exactly make her lovable (and her very few Endgame scenes were shot before Captain Marvel, so she comes off even worse in them).

Ms Marvel is far and away the biggest success from when the comics tried to introduce many new teen characters at once (like three supergenius teen girls within one week, uhh). Their biggest fault was bogging her down with the 'let's replace mutants with inhumans' angle. It was amazing to see the show manage to capture the spirit of her books while doing its own thing... for two episodes, after which it forgot to be about her and just became an incoherent mess about nonsensical baddie bad guys.

Monica Rambeau has never been a big name in comics, with her biggest contribution being wearing the Captain Marvel mantle during the original Secret Wars. I always liked her, so imagine my vibes when MCU forcefully introduces her character in Wandavision with 'Wanda randomly gives her the powers she's supposed to have, then she'll say 'they'll never know what you gave up' when talking to the supervillain that was keeping a whole town captive and just had to stop doing it'. How is anyone supposed to like her after that?

So, yeah, while much of the active dislike of them is just the Internet automatically really hating having women in their movies, it's also not the strongest basis for a team-up, when the biggest character draw in it relies on people having watched a (very ethnic) teen show on Disney+...

It the backlash is so bad it's hitting Madame Web.
I think Madame Web is the most obscure thing Sony could dig out of their Spider-Man And Related People folder. The backlash would be the same by itself - it's kind of a nonsense premise, and Sony's standards are firmly set somewhere around Morbius level.
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