Are Superhero films dying?

Are they?

  • Yes - thanks to the occult powers of Martin Scorcese

    Votes: 27 22.0%
  • Sorta - but more settling at a lower plateau, because everything that goes up must come down

    Votes: 72 58.5%
  • Nope - just a lull; they'll be back, big time

    Votes: 24 19.5%


Sadly, I'm wondering if a few of a certain kind of influencers/meme makers tried pointing out that Aquaman succeeding would make Marvels look even worse they could give it a decent bump :-/

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I don't really know if anyone saw how the Disney/Marvel movies were doing, and honestly expected Aquaman to be the exception.

Speaking of, "Iger says creators at Disney have lost sight of what their jobs should be - entertain first. It's not about messages." So how I take that, is that while we barely got any supers movies/shows with female leads, they're what clearly was the problem.

I expected Aquaman to do worse but still thought it might fit around 400 million.

More recently though it's now becoming 200 million might be optimistic.

If superhero movies were down equal to the overall box office you woukd still expect the big MCU obes to get around GotG3, Doctor Strange or BPII level box office, smaller ones 400 million.

Bit we're seeing a much bigger collapse than that across the board with 2 exceptions and one ofvthise is animated.


I (and enough others to power the box office people) thought they were a fun set of movies :)

I liked them and I'm not overly enthused about super hero movies. I can take them or leave them eg I like some of the pre MCU Batman movies not all of them some of the MCU films etc.


Ha! Googling "are super hero movies done" this thread is apparently 4-10 months behind the media ranging from the BBC to Forbes to Screenrant. :)

Its a bubble here.

If you've been paying attention it's been spotty since Eternals for the MCU.

Broadly speaking I've been following the box office since February the pre-sales projections have been fairly on point at leastbin broad strokes (eg D&D was less than 10% out, Barbie and Mario, blowing up Spiderman doing well, Flash, Bluebeetle, Marvels tanking).

Some were predictable before pre-sales went up.

Elementals bucked the trend a bit. Low opening and legged it out to somewhat respectable.

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