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Are the Million-dollar Kickstarters slowing down?


Well, that was fun
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The million dollar TTRPG Kickstarters have really slowed down. At one point they were coming in at about one every month (there were 3 in May 2022!), but we haven't seen one since November 2022 (unless I'm missing one?)

Million Dollar TTRPG Kickstarter Club

(note these are TTRPG Kickstarters -- not minis, boardgames, accessories etc., although some include those things)

Here they are in date order:


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I crit!
I'd also say the OGL situation impacted the entire industry and put a lot of plans on hold. Anyone looking to launch a 5e Kickstarter in January almost certainly delayed, so that will add some bumps in the data around this specific event.
A few still remain “on hold” or outright canceled.


On the boardgame side...a lot of the chickens of COVID are coming home to roost.

Multiple Kickstarters are semi-fulfilled and are stuck at distribution partners awaiting payment from the gaming company that doesn't have funds to send.

I am currently waiting on a copy of Fief:France. The non-US copies have delivered over a year ago. US stores received their copies and you can buy one online. What did t get sent out (and has been held up for over a year) are all the copies going to US individual backers.

Between the companies that ran out of cash and those asking for huge shipping prices, many in the boardgame world are not as free with their pledges or considering waiting on retail when before it 2as a quick click to back.


Well, that was fun
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Rising interest rates means Americans' credit cards are pretty stressed at the moment, after being at historically low interest rates. I would not be surprised if more families than mine are trimming the sails for a bit.
Trust me, this is not a uniquely American problem right now. It’s global. :)

But yeah, the cost of living crisis is probably contributing to the Kickstarter slowdown.

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