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Pathfinder 2E Are you moving from 5E to PF2?


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Me and my group are going to give Pathfinder2 a shot,
we love 5e, but the simple system is starting to get boring,

I cant wait to try new class options and more character customization

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I ran the playtest for a group of players who all play 5e and some were not ready for the crunch, but I really am. We had a lot of issues with the playtest but from what I've seen most if not all have been addressed. I'll either join a group, play PFS or start my own group and GM if I have to but very keen to play PF2.


Yes, we are going to give PF2 a try. 5e is fun but, in some ways, overly simple. We will likely end up playing both systems.


My group is very happy with 5e. We tried PF 1e before 5e came out and they didnt like the complicated system. I doubt I could convince them to play another PF game. I'll definitely check it out when it hits shelves though. I've been interested in how it will play. Maybe I can find a group to play in.


My group currently alternates, on a weekly basis,between 5e and PF1. Last year, we ran the playtest for about six months, using their Doomsday Dawn scenarios and converting PF1's Emerald Spire. I understand the pros of having a system that scales with level, such as PF2, but am waiting to invest until the final product is unveiled and hoping their GMG, released this winter, provides variant options to strip away the +level to everything,fully understanding what that means for the new critical success/failure mechanic, spell DCs, etc… If we can have our cake (greater character choice and rules depth than 5E) and eat it too (Paizo's support for a variant rule offering a mathematical underpinning more akin to bounded accuracy), yes, it will likely be our go-to system. Here's to hoping - fingers crossed.


I never played PF1, but I'm currently running 5e, and will probably add PF2 as a secondary game. Whether I will ultimately stick with one or the other is too early to tell. I'm a little tired of the simplicity of 5e, but I'm hoping PF2 doesn't go overly complex.

Exactly this. While 5E is my favourite flavour of D&D, it's getting a bit stale. I've never played PF1, but PF2 has enough interesting things (the 3-action economy, crit success and failure, tactically diverse monster design, cool death and dying rules) that I'm willing to give it a try for a campaign. I doubt I'll create my own adventures, but this will also give me a chance to try a Paizo adventure path - I haven't been impressed with the 5E campaign books so far.


I haven't been impressed with the 5E campaign books so far.

I agree except for the last bit! I loved Lost Mine of Phandelver (running it a second time now), Princes of the Apocalypse and Tomb of Annihilation (although it's looking like we won't be able to finish that campaign, sadly, but roughly 70% of it). The latter two are rather difficult to run and I would not recommend them for starting DMs though. I haven't done any of the others, but Curse of Strahd is often regarded as the best of the bunch.


I’m currently running a hexcrawl using Justin Alexander’s hexcrawl procedure. It’s worked okay in 5e, but we’ll probably be converting from 5e to PF2.

The lack of options in 5e is a problem. Most of my players like building characters even if they’re not optimizers, but they also don’t like planning. PF2 should hopefully let them do that without having to worry too much about trap options. Combat is also a little same-y in 5e. Monsters in the playtest had some interesting abilities, and we had a good experience with the Unchained action economy, so I expect that to be better. The biggest difference is that PF2 explicitly does not embrace flatter math.

I feel like bounded accuracy isn’t a good fit for the type of exploration game I’m running. I don’t build the world out from the PCs. Consequently, some places are more dangerous than others. Since 5e is designed to get keep threats dangerous for longer, it takes the PCs too long to get stronger than something, so they can go back and just destroy it. When I ran Kingmaker for the group years ago, my PCs did that a few times, and I think it gives a good sense of progression when they can return to a challenging foe and dominate it.

However, that’s if we convert. There were some things about the playtest I didn’t like, which I understand have changed. I’m going to start with a one-shot to get everyone’s feel for the system, particularly the new guy who has only ever played 5e. If that goes well, then we’ll convert.


Half and Half.
It is hard to say with 100% certainty but the plan is group that has played the most 5e will be switching, the group that has played the least D&D (and it was their first table top RPG game) will be sticking with 5e.


The more I participate in discussions the more I might buy the book. I know it will never be played, unless i strike out on my own and get lucky enough to find a group (highly unlikely in my area). I do want to read through it though.

Lucas Yew

Moving. It's at least a bit more better on PC-NPC Asymmetry in that the proficiency scales with (static) character levels not (floating) CRs. And high levels playing like supers among the masses. And a whole lot of options. And finally, guaranteed to be nearly fully OGL.


My crew will be giving it a shot (another player has volunteered to run it), but I seriously doubt it will replace 5e. At best, it will become one of the additional games we're rotating between.



Started with 4e, but my first love was Pathfinder (1) . The adventures, and lore won me over. The complexity and broken things towards the end of its life cycle made me move over to 5e, witch I do enjoy for it ease of use and abilty to pick up for new players, though, getting a little bored with the lack of options and its light release schedule.

Looking forward to getting back to my roots and giving PF2 a try. Loving everything I am reading about it so far!

DM Howard

I’ll be moving. A friend is bringing me back a copy from Gen Con for my birthday. I have pledged to run a campaign as I used to be the 5E champion in my group of friends (they mainly played PF1) and PF2 seems the best option as support for PF1 will inevitably fall away. 5E does not provide enough depth for me, and I think PF2 will provide a perfect compromise, along with having a greater amount of materials produced for it.
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