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Pathfinder 2E Are you moving from 5E to PF2?


Heck no! I'll probably play both. More 5E locally (the game store prefers d&d 5e) and will play pf2 where I can. Probably conventions like PAX or Megacon. I'm still on the fence about running a game of pf2. I have players that much preferred 5e over PF1 so not sure if they will be willing to try the plaguestone adventure but if they want to try it I will run it.

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My Personal preferences lie somewhere in between the intersection of PF2 , 5e and shadow of the demon lord. It depends on what i'm doing. if i were to sart a new campaign i would play pf2. If i would do one shots, 5e is the way to go. If i ever wanted to do a e6 style, dark game sodtl is my jam. So i would say my standard preference is pf2 now, but I'd be happy to play any of these three or run them at any time.

After getting the chance to look at it, I can say I'd definitely play it (which is more than I could say about 3.X/PF1) with the right DM, but making it my D&D of choice is something that won't happen. In fact, from a certain perspective, I find it even more overwhelming than PF1. Also, their recent announcement of four more core classes before the end of 2020 won't help to change my mind... xD


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As soon as I get the chance to run some d&d, I’ll definitely make the switch. I was getting bored with 5e, as a GM and especially as a player. I find it hard to pin-point exactly why, I hear people complaining about the simplified skill system, lack of options and general blandness of the combat system, fewer class/level options etc. Perhaps its a combination of those reasons as well as not really appreciating the published sourcebooks (though some of the adventures are decent). 5e is in many ways a good system, I just don’t think its for me.


I wouldn't say I'm moving to PF2 from anything, but I will say I hate 5e, and PF2 addresses some of my specific hatreds, in particular the package-deal nature of classes that lock you into arbitrary bundles of subclass features. In PF2, where features are bundled together, it has so far in my reading been well motivated and sensible, providing a sense of unity to contrast with the humongous selection of unbundled feats. In 5e, everything feels like a straitjacket; in PF2, I have a touchstone of set feats from which to expand upon to my heart's content.

I also really like the action economy and unified formula for saves, skills, attacks, and such. Although the latter is still too complicated with numbers, and the training level thing came out an awful mess on the character sheet (which is a general mess to begin with), you do figure out everything in the same way, which is quite nice.

As for organization, even with the chapter tabs, too much info is spread around. The Alchemist class alone referred me to four other parts of the book for fundamental info, and sadly, the PDF doesn't include any hyperlinks.

Anyhow, I am curious to find a group to try PF2 with, even if only a one-shot. I have zero interest in 5e.


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I'm tempted. I find the lack of options in combat (especially as a DM for monsters) boring. That said, I moved recently and would be happy to play either!


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Yes and no. I’m probably going to play some PF2 because it offers stuff I can’t get from 5e. But I’m also not planning to stop playing 5e any time soon.


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Tough to say. All my current games look to be running well into 2021, so we'll make a decision at that point.


The one-shot went well, so we’ll be converting from 5e to PF2. We’ll be converting our current campaign over, which will either be a soft-reboot or a retcon (haven’t decided yet).


I wouldn't mind giving P2 a shot. That said, my groups don't seem to be particularly interested, and I expect 5e to remain our go to. Maybe I'll have the chance when I have time to rejoin my online group, as they're generally the most open to trying new systems.


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I'm currently running a 5E Age of Worms Campaign (adapted from 3E), and I'm seriously considering to switch to PF2 due to the lack of depth of 5E. My two challenges: 1) we use Fantasy Grounds, and I would lose/have to adapt everything I added already (first 4 acts/chapters) and 2) We have a Warlock, which does not have a good conversion.


I'm currently running a 5E Age of Worms Campaign (adapted from 3E), and I'm seriously considering to switch to PF2 due to the lack of depth of 5E. My two challenges: 1) we use Fantasy Grounds, and I would lose/have to adapt everything I added already (first 4 acts/chapters) and 2) We have a Warlock, which does not have a good conversion.
It might be easier to just add the depth you want to your 5e game. There are lots of resources on these forums, UA reddit, and the DMsGuild to help with that task.


nope. I almost bought it ... cause I buy everything. But, I decided against it. Paizo is a slippery slope. I have a bunch of PF1 stuff and I only played it once. The character sheet alone turned me off from PFII ... I find it to be too similar to 4e in a lot of ways, mixed with 5e. that might not be a bad thing but not what I am looking for.

I think it has some interesting ideas I may yoink as HRs and maybe I will pick up some of the adventures for ideas.

If I am to switch systems it would be to a completely different system that is even lighter than 5e.


I think we will probably make the switch. I’d like to run a one-shot for my group to see what they think. I’d like to see some pre-gens from Paizo so that we can get right into a scenario. I like that there are more options in character creation and a more tactical combat system. I really like the three action economy. I’ve been running 5E since it was released and I’m getting a little burnt out. I need the change maybe more than the other players in the group.


I am currently GMing two PF1 APs and playing in another. Those will all stay in PF1 and run to completion (whenever that is).

I am a Paizo subscriber and will continue to receive everything for PF2. I am interested in running Agents of Edgewatch, the all urban investigation AP set in Absalom that will be released at Gencon 2020 (Absalom: CSI basically). So by the end of 2020, one of my PF1 APs I am GMing will be done and I'll have the time available to run a PF2 AP, however...

There are serious problems with me running PF2 right now. Firstly, we play via VTT -- and the VTT tools in D20Pro are simply not there yet. They are not there for any VTT, frankly. I am a huge fan of Herolab (now called "Herolab Classic") and I have everything available for it, obtained at considerable expense over the past ~decade. It is a vital tool in organizing, marshaling and building out my VTT campaigns. D20Pro is designed to work with Herolab. It does so wonderfully, too. But that's Herolab Classic -- and there won't be a Herolab Classic for PF2. For PF2, it is only Herolab Online.

And that's the problem. The authors of Herolab, Lone Wolf Development, have been developing Herolab Online now for more than 2 years. I bought it for PF2 last week and I have to say that this software is not even close to being ready. The Bestiary feature doesn't work and isn't yet implemented to even what anyone would fairly call beta. The character generation part of the software mostly works, sure, but that's it. There is no Tactical Console, no Encounter Builder, and no means to download .por files to import into a VTT if any VTT supported this feature (which, right now, they don't). LWD has said these options are "in development" and will be launched as "Campaign Theater" for HLO in the "near future".

I hope they do all that they have promised to do in the next 12-18 months. But right now? I'm not feeling terribly sanguine about it. None of this is Paizo's fault -- but that doesn't stop it from being Paizo's problem, just the same.

For all of that, PF2 looks interesting, and is certain to improve over the next 12 months with more products coming from Paizo to expand it to the point where it is near the point where Paizo was with PF in 2010. So all of that is good. I wish it were only that easy.


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The majority of my gaming is likely to remain 5E, but I'm interested in seeing what PF2 offers. (The playtest was underwhelming, but I'm expecting the finished product to be superior).



I'm currently running a 5E Age of Worms Campaign (adapted from 3E), and I'm seriously considering to switch to PF2 due to the lack of depth of 5E. My two challenges: 1) we use Fantasy Grounds, and I would lose/have to adapt everything I added already (first 4 acts/chapters) and 2) We have a Warlock, which does not have a good conversion.
There is definitely overlap between the 5e Warlock and the PF2 Warlock. It is certainly not perfect, but it is workable. (The playtest version of the PF2 Witch will also be available in October.) There are bloodlines that correspond fairly closely with the available Warlock patrons: GOO (Aberrant), Archfey (Fey, Hag), Fiend (Diabolic, Demonic), Undying (Undead), and Celestial (Angelic).* One merely has to imagine that instead of having a magical bloodline, one claims to have a divine patron who granted them these powers.

* The Hexblade is admittedly an outlier, but it was also a thinly-veiled fix to the Blade Pact Warlock rather than a proper patron. Multiclassing into or from Fighter or Champion could work, at least until the Swashbuckler class becomes available.

All that said, I would like to give PF2 a concerted try, but right now I just began running a TTRPG first-timer through a 5e solo campaign and I would not want to overwhelm him by switching systems.

I use Pathfinder 1 as mostly a supplemental source for running D&D 3 games. I buy most of the books, but not the adventures. I am currently playing in a Pathfinder 1 game.

I gave D&D 5 a shot, playing through a couple of short campaigns, but never running it, but didn't find it much to my liking.

I will likewise give Pathfinder 2 a shot, though I don't have any plans to run anything with it at the moment. It seems likely that someone else in my gaming circle will want to do so.

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