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Pathfinder 2E Are you moving from 5E to PF2?


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(A question for those planning to play PF2; if you’re not, this isn’t really for you - don’t threadcrap, please).

So you’re planning on playing PF2. While you are probably coming from PF1, is anybody coming from 5E?

Obviously, it’s not a permanent thing; you can play more than one game, try out others, all that stuff. But I was curious whether there’s a demographic out here who feel PF2 is offering something that they prefer to what 5E offers? Or at least hope that’s the case, in the absence of seeing the final game yet.

PF2 clearly isn’t an “advanced 5E” but I feel like it is kinda pitched as the “advanced mainstream fantasy RPG”. Is that how you see it?

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In the past year I wrapped up a PF campaign, but also played a 5E campaign and two FFG Legend of the Five Rings campaigns. So it's less "switching game systems" as "trying the hip new thing to see how we like it."


I hope to. I never played PF1 but I played 3.5/4/5E and I am interested in a game with more crunch than 5E. I think it is obviously good for the hobby to have another option.


I'm interested to try it but not sure I'll be able to find people to try it out.

Been a while since I've looked at the play test content so it may have change but it had some innovations I really liked such as the multiclassing feats. It would be so easy to make a fighter mage or mystic theurge for instance.


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Ask me again in about a year. :)

Honestly it's way too early to tell.
1) I haven't been keeping up to date on the play test. I figured I'd just pick up the finished product & judge it then rather than worry about it's evolution.
2) My 5e circle is pretty oblivious to PF2s approach. 2 of them vaguely know about it. The group as a whole though I think could be persuaded to give it a try.
3) My PF circle, while not being adverse to other systems, has given PF2 an apathetic shrug so far. They're perfectly happy with PF1 (as am I). They'll be a harder sell than the 5e group.
4) Barring a TPK, or just flat out quitting, neither groups campaign is anywhere near an ending. I expect both to run for another 12-18 months.

So. I'll pick my copy of PF2 up from my FLGS once I return from GenCon (because honestly I won't have any time to read it during the con, so getting it there would be pointless. And more expensive.) & have months to digest it.
Then I'll pass my book around to the other players & we'll see how it goes.

I'm playing 3.5 right now, and we use some PF1 content on occasion, simply because it is compatible. I'm curious to see what PF2 is like, and I wonder if elements of it are still compatible with 3.5. If it's not compatible, but still better, I might give it a spin.


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My plan is to switch my Rise of the Runelords campaign from 5e to PF2, for a couple of reasons, I'm hoping it will be easier to convert from PF1 to PF2 than from PF1 to 5e, saving me as the DM some effort, but I think more importantly we have been playing 5e pretty much all the way through since its release, and while its a great system we are looking to try something with a little more crunch.

We briefly tried 13th age, and while its a great system there were too many things in the system stopping it gelling with us (Icons, Random fighter actions) we were also tempted to go back to 4e, but non of us has a character builder subscription so that was out. Really hoping PF2 delivers


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I'll be checking out PF2 but it will be with my regular Sunday Pathfinder group. I don't anticipate playing it with my Thursday Night group since we all like 5e.

While I like Pathfinder for what it is and how it has modified the D&D rules, a major reason I switched to it was because WotC had made a D&D edition that I did not like to play, nor did most of my friends. The Sunday Pathfinder group rejected it outright as useless and was happy to go right to Pathfinder after finishing the Shackled City AP in D&D 3.5, the Thursday Night group tried 4e for about 9 months before ultimately rejecting it but preferred to go back to 3.5 rather than make the lateral shift to PF.

As things stand now, the only D&D version the Thursday Night group plays is D&D5 and I don't see PF2 making any in-roads into that. It's the Sunday Pathfinder group that'll be the big question - I think we're pretty content with PF1 but since I GM it most of the time, I get really tired with some of the fiddly classes and options. PF2 might iron some of that out for a while. But then so would D&D5, so that's always a possibility too.


I know a friend will bring PF2 back from GenCon and I'm pretty sure we'll try it. We were a PF1 game until the PF2 playtest. After the PF2 playtest, and a couple of post-playtest PF2 adventures, we've been testing the waters with 5e and played several sessions. I've no idea where that game will end up long term.

I don't look at PF2 as "advanced mainstream fantasy RPG." I don't see it as being any more or less advanced than any other fantasy RPG, but just a different collection of rules that may, or may not, fit the intended story better.


I been mainly playing 5e and Savage Worlds since 5e released. I will definitely try Pathfinder 2 but that doesn’t mean I will abandon 5e or Savage Worlds. I think they offer different experiences.


I never played PF1, but I'm currently running 5e, and will probably add PF2 as a secondary game. Whether I will ultimately stick with one or the other is too early to tell. I'm a little tired of the simplicity of 5e, but I'm hoping PF2 doesn't go overly complex.


I'm planning on giving PF2 a shot. I really like what I'm seeing with it. Maybe I can figure out a way to get the group I DM for to give it a shot.


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In other circumstances I would have pre-ordered already. I kind of need an alternative where character building is less cumbersome and fiddly than PF, but I want a little more that what 5e gives. I want to like PF2, but I need to see the finalized rules before committing to it.


Honestly, I'm waiting to see a Beginner Box. The Starfinder Beginner Box is about the maximal level of crunch I can handle in my new games these days. And even then I won't move from 5e to PF2, but I might introduce some of the older kids I'm teaching 5e to to PF2 as an alternative or a second game that they can run amongst themselves. I may no longer be at a point in my life where I want that level of crunch in my rules, but they are hitting those prime teenage years where I had the time and energy to both play the games I wanted to and fiddle with a variety of systems.

We played a Beginner Box demo of Starfinder at Origins this year and they were really into it. If we add that to our repertoire of games over the next few months, checking out a PF2 Beginner Box when it drops would be the next step.

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