D&D General Are You Seriously Planning to Stop Playing and/or Running D&D Over The Recent OGL Developments?

Are You Seriously Planning to Stop Playing and/or Running D&D Over he Recent OGL Developments?

  • Yes

    Votes: 95 43.8%
  • No

    Votes: 122 56.2%


No, I will continue playing. I really want to dip into Spelljammer for a while and already have it prepped in Roll20. Down the road when Kobold or some other company releases their new game I will reevaluate. I have been kinda bored with 5e for a while and wanted something new, but also didn't want to learn a whole new system. 5e works really well, but if I find something similar but better then yes I will absolutely switch. I also don't like that Hasbro even TRIED to monetize D&D into a videogame microtransaction system with no regard to the player base whom they supposedly regard as "an obstacle to their money." I never subscribed to Beyond, haven't bought a WotC product in years, so I don't have any loyalty other than that I have loved the brand since the original Endless Quest books. So a long damn time.

Edit: Crap. That would require me to buy Spelljammer though. Ugh. I will have to think on that.

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The Scythian

I will continue to play D&D. I just won't play, and more importantly won't buy, anything released by WotC in the future. I was a pretty early adopter of 5e. I've spent a lot of money on WotC's products (including licensed products like miniatures), and I've also gotten my players to spend a lot of money on them. (Up until the OGL 1.1 debacle, WotC enjoyed a lot of good will at my table, and a couple members of my group were extremely loyal to the company and 5e. Now our game group chat is filled with people mocking WotC.)

Our 5e game is currently paused and I've been running B/X (via OSE), and we've been having a blast. So, I'll continue with that. But no more WotC products.

Jack Daniel

I run and play the game that Dave & Gary made.

Nothing WotC produces actually is that game.

I'll just stop using their trademarks and call it D&GG (Dave & Gary's Game).


Whether or not I buy many new Wizards products is another matter, yet TBD.
Yep. Do they have a product worth it to buy? If yes, then we buy it. If not, then we don't.

I mean quite frankly it could be said that I've been "boycotting" WotC to a certain extent for a while now, because I haven't bought one of their books in several years. But it has nothing to do with the company, or what I thought was "right" or "wrong" with anything in the RPG space... it was purely because they did not sell something I wanted to own.

If WotC continues to release books I do not want to purchase, then my "boycott" of WotC will continue-- OGL 1.1 having nothing to do with it.

Yes, with the qualification that it's limited to WotC-era D&D. I'll still play older versions and Castles & Crusades, along with other games that have caught my eye but have never had time to play due to everyone being full-on 5e (Savage Worlds, Palladium Fantasy, and others).


I voted "yes" because that is where I'm leaning at this moment, but I haven't made a hard decision yet, and my group will certainly be weighing in as well; our next session is this Saturday.

Myself, I'd like to spend a little while looking at other games and see what's out there. My ideal game would have a similar play paradigm to 5E (I think "neo-trad" is what it's being called these days?), but it would be mechanically simpler and present fewer GM headaches. "Savage Worlds" is one I intend to check out.

If I find something that looks good and my group agrees, we'll give it a shot. If not, we might stick with 5E and I'd just quit using DDB and buying new books; or I might pitch them on B/X or a retro-clone thereof. We did a B/X one-shot a while ago and it was a blast.


I do not anticipate it because I anticipate it will go something along these lines:

1.) WotC releases 1.1 and it is less painful - but still generates money and a right for WotC to license any element of anything created under the new OGL, but with a kickback to the owner.
2.) A combination of competitors will releases a competing product that will have a version of the 0.1 OGL and will have enough credibility to gather a real player base. Some 3rd parties will switch, others will pay the WotC fees.
3.) There will be legal challenges to the 1.1 WotC OGL and it will lose ground as people get a clearer picture over how much of the game is available outside the license.
4.) Eventually the 1.1 OGL will be modified to encourage third party innovation and a new equilibrium will be found similar to the 4E era with 2 major brands holding control of the RPG industry.

I'll play the better game. It'll be sad if it isn't D&D, but we'll go with the better product. The better product will be the one that allows me to generate the best quality game for the least money - and right now that game is 5E. It is free, and very good, so for me to switch I'll need an incentive to do so.

However, I'll likely need to learn both systems as other DMs will run the other options at times. To that end, I do not ancitipate leaving D&D - but that doesn't mean I'll be fully embracing 1D&D (which I still think is a misleading name).


Nah. If the leaks are true that the suits think so little of the community - based also on the statements of the former DNDBeyond staff - then I have no interest in supporting a business run by people who view us only as nerds with extra cash.
I'd rather be spending money on, following the developments of, promoting the systems of the businesses who are supporting open gaming - potentially at great financial risk to their livelihoods.
For me, I don't think the best interests of the hobby are held by a corporation run by people who don't play the game and who don't value artistry and creativity (because it might splinter their customer base).
So I will continue running 5e for the campaigns I've already started until they reach a natural stopping point. After that, we'll pivot to Level Up, OSE, Pathfinder 2, or something else.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Will I stop playing D&D? Not necessarily, I have everything I need to play for multiple editions. Will I play OneD&D, which will require me to purchase new material from WotC? No. I've already informed the DM of the 5e group that I'm in. Heck, if I was the type of person to pirate I still wouldn't play OneD&D since D&D is a group game and that would be encouraging others to play.

But frankly while 5e is my favorite version of D&D, it's not even my favorite D&D-like game. Don't get me wrong, I like the system a lot, but I like other systems as well and won't mind playing them. And now I have strong reason to expose all of my D&D-as-first-RPG friends to other game systems.

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