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Release Aristotle Brown and the Codex of Fate - Solo Pulp Adventure Game


It’s 1937. The Adolf Hitler rules Germany and the shadow of the Nazi party is spreading a pall across Europe. Dictators have arisen in other countries such as Mussolini in Italy and tensions are high. The US government walks a tightrope trying to impede Nazi efforts without drawing overt attention.

The Aristotle Brown and the Codex of Fate is an RPG created using the Second Guess System first used in games like One White Eye and The Date. Here, the system of impending dread and self-deception is instead tweaked to create a pulp hero style story in the vein of Indiana Jones or Doc Savage. The system is expanded to offer some additional character creation options that may alter skills you bring to the table and expanded player choice in pacing as you must balance your turns between preparing for your mission and racing against time as the Nazis move ever closer to the Codex.

All you need are a d20, a d6, and something to on which to record your journal entries. Sometimes people surprise you.

Pick it up on Itch.io here.

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