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D&D 3E/3.5 Arrow of sleighing

abe ray

This cursed arrow when drawn turns into a horse drawn open sleigh! Only magic bows aren’t destroyed automatically (must make a dc25 fortitude check to resist destruction) they have a bonus to the check equal to their ACTUAL bonus, NOT the equivalent bonus (in other words only up to +5 total bonus allowed unless it’s a major artifact)
what do you think of this item?

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Lord of the Hidden Layer
I don't see the purpose as described.
But mix Disney's Cinderella with Santa Claus: shoot the arrow at something else and IT turns into a sleigh.
Greater Arrow of Sleighing also provides the steed.

And because most people in D&D worlds are illiterate, they hear about this and think it is an Arrow of Slaying - surprise! (Must be a Wild Magic Sorcerer to realize there might be a problem.)


AD&D did this decades ago. They did pretty much all the lame puns BitD. It's in the first Encyclopedia Magica volume. I don't believe it was a cursed item though.

Edgar Ironpelt

As a variant on the original idea: When the arrow is drawn it transforms into a one-horse sleigh, and the bow needs to make a Fortitude save (DC 25) to avoid being destroyed. However if drawn with a Bow that has the Holy special ability (a "Bow of Holy"), the transformation does not take place until the arrow is released and touches the ground. At that point, the arrow transforms into a one-horse sleight, complete with horse and jingling bells, and the bow remains unharmed.

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