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D&D 5E Artificer Alchemist / Warlock = Tons of Elixirs?

I've thought about this multiclass. I really just thought about it in terms of having a few extra level 1 spell slots and thus more potions over the course of normal adventuring days, not as part of a scheme to have vast numbers of potions every other day or whatever by cheesing short rest mechanics. The latter approach seems destined for a banning, and possibly through the unduly cumbersome bludgeon of saying that pact slots never work for non-Warlock class features.

As for the strength of the combo in general, I think it just doesn't really have enough synergy beyond the extra level 1 spell slots to really shine. Eldritch blast not working with the Alchemist spell damage bonus kind of kills it as any sort of power combo. Now if you have particular character goals that a couple of Warlock invocations would really support and a Warlock patron feature you really want to grab it's certainly not a bad dip, but I don't think extra potions in and of themselves really are so powerful that they justify putting off your class progression for two levels.

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