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Asking for opinions and advices on my rogue/pal build


First Post
So, I've been playing a character for some time now and during the course of campaign I got to level 14. I do have a vague idea of I'll be doing with this char up to level 16, after that - not sure at all, so I'd appreciate any help with the build. Especially combat-wise.
Oh, and a bit of info on our rules: we're allowed to use UA, popular homebrew stuff and everyone's dmg&hp are always maxed out, so we won't have to roll the damage.

Regarding character, it's human(var), so I took lucky feat right at the beginning. Later I also took two-weapons fighting and ritual caster (for find and flock of familiars, mostly).
I've also got pretty lucky when I rolled for stats, so right now they look like this:
STR 14
DEX 20
CON 15
WIS 13
INT 12
CHA 20
Which means, I can multiclass in almost anything.

As for the build itself: I use rapier and dagger, took 11 lvls of rogue(shadow weaver) and planning on taking 5 levels of pal (treachery). Currently took only 3/5.
I chose shadow weaver for a list of reasons:
It gets you dark vision (which is rather useful, seeing as my char is human),
You get spells that use your CHA rather than INT.
You can apply your sneak attack bonus on any attack targeted at humanoid, given you've used the shroud (bonus action, no spell slots required) on a target, regardless of other conditions.
You can also change damage type of your sneak attack from weapon's to necrotic.
I thought about changing subclass to assassing for extra crit dmg, but I'm not ready to give up my darkvision yet.

From level 12 to 16 I'm taking levels in Pal. Tbh, all of the oaths seems kinda useless to me, so I took treachery because its Channel Divinity gives you of 2d10+pal level of poison dmg once per rest and some neat spells, like invisibility and charm person.

Right now I should be able to do around 79dpr(increases to 99 if I channel divinity for 2d10).
In details:
For mainhand: 59dpr (1d8 rapier, +5DEX dmg, +5d6 from sneak attack, +2d8 for 1st lvl spell slot paladin's smite)
For offhand: 20dpr (1d4 dagger, 2d8 smite)
On 16th lvl I'll get extra attack, which will increase the dmg for another 29 poits, making it total 108dpr.

After 16th level I thought about getting 4 levels of ranger-gloomstalker for extra dmg, mobility and fighting stance, but I'm not sure how efficient it'll be, plus I already have dark vision. I also thought about taking 2sorc/2warlock for coffelock, so I wouldn't had to rest after couple of encounters.
Also, is there any good spells I can use and combine to increase my dmg?

With all that said, I appreciate any thoughts and advices on how I can improve this mess of a build.
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