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5E Assuming Dark Sun is on the horizon, what are your worries?

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Oh damn, the environment. I'd expect there to be someone complaining about how it is propaganda from the climate change crowd.
The lore is unclear on that:

- Some say the climate change crowd was genocided first by Dregoth during the days of great stupification

- Others argue that they offered themselves to be reshaped into kanks to have a lesser ecological footprint

- When food became scarce they turned on each other, that's how the cannibal halflings developed. One of them escaped to Middle Earth somehow, and was latter seen there diving for fish in dank caves murmuring something like "how dare you, my precious!"


Nope. Dark Sun came first, the global warming / climate change activists showed up second. They are a copycat, a wannabe, jumping in fear of a mere shadow of the true danger - Defiling.
Climate change was a thing back then.

Same year they made a cartoon named Captain Planet.

Anti nuclear thing predated Chernobyl as well.

Wasn't as prominent but yeah. Kyoto was signed not that long after Darksun 1991 release.


I kinda hope they just reprint the 2e box set. As is. References to Thac0 and exceptional strength intact. It's the only Dark Sun fans will accept.


I'd be worried they'd try to make it as close as humanly possible to the 2E version, to the point that playing 2E would actually be the better alternative. 5E has too many good things in it to be stripped away for the sake of the "grittiness" of the OG rules. I'm pretty sure they won't do that, but it's always possible.

I thought they had got some plans for the lands beyond Tyr, but now I guess if this was true it would be practically a complete spin-off. Maybe beyond Tyr there are other sorcerers-kings or equivalent tyrants, and these land the point of origin of the new races and classes added in later editions (for example the wilders, the plant humanoids, dromites, psionic ardents or incarnum totemist shamans). Maybe they are ruled by lord necromancers (not undead really but living constructs) who believe only they can control the primal spellcasters (druids, shamans & cía) to recover the original flora destroyed by the defiler magic. Something like beyond wall from Westeros North but volcanic ashes mixed with the snow, great forests... of (un)dead trees. Here the defiler magic can't kill the naive flora, but the affected region become toxic/radioactive for the most of living beings (and almost all humanoids).


I wouldn't be opposed to this, but then IP so...
Maybe meet halfway and make the Dark Sun product have their own 'core' books, but using the same general d20 framework that would technically make them compatible? Or would having a Dark Sun Players Handbook be confusing?

I think Hasbro wants DS as a multimedia brand, and maybe one of the main candidates for a videogame or screen adaptation beside FR and Ravenloft.


As someone first exposed to Dark Sun and fell in love with the setting through the 4e version, I'm willing to accept more concessions than some. I think of anything 5e is more amenable to some of the adaptations the setting asks for than 4e.

I am afair some retcons are going to be totally necessary and even the novels will have to become "secondary canon".

I am starting to think they are creating space for a spin-off placed in some land beyond Tyr, but they would rather to await until to choose what things from previous editions would like to recover, like races, monsters or classes. I imagine something like "we are here, we didn't survive the cleasing wars but arrived later, our homeland was tainted and the gods sent us here within a demiplane like a radiactive residue where it can't hurt any zone with ecosystem".

* My fear? Fans using DS setting to create their ersatz version of the world of Gor.


I don't know why Dark Sun isn't just its own game... seems like it demands way too much change from the base expectations of DnD...
Dark Sun was created in response to gamers wanting something different than vanilla D&D. Its popularity was unexpected as it was supposed to appeal to a subset of gamers - those bored with the "default" settings.

So that was the idea: get away from the base expectations of D&D. If Dark Sun is molded to fit what we already have, it won't be Dark Sun.

DS was a smashing-hit because it was the right mixture of old and new elements like post-apocalypse Mad-Max and Sword&Sorcery + Peplum(sword & sandals) , not too light nor too mature, not too normal, nor too strange.

The main threads were: (post-apocalypse) survival in dessert zones, fight against tyranny, power as a responsability and environmental care and lost past.

* I would bet some players will want to use crunch by 3PPs to survive in the dessert, magic items to create food and like this, but I suggest the water and food could be spend as magic components, and life-draining powers causing hunger, thirst and fatigue, and then players have to worry about saving provisions in the same way healing potions.

* I liked some ideas from Dragon and Dungeon Magazines for DS in the 3rd Ed, for example how to add the new psionic races or the spynewyrms as true dragons with age categories.

* What if the fate of the sould by dead humanoids are in the elemental or paraelemental planes, with courts and dinasties as the genies?

It's attitudes/perceptions/approaches like what is being discussed here that, imo, makes WotC shy away from existing settings. For some, anything less than a reprint of the 2E settings will be unacceptable. For others they will want varying degrees from just a bunch of new locations and additions to the D&D they already know. But whatever DS 5E is (if it ever gets published) it WILL alienate some fans.

What WotC will have to do is decide, can they come up with something that will attract more new players than the old players who they will alienate. Of course, they also stop and say a totally new setting can accomplish the goal of gaining new players, giving existing players more to purchase, AND not alienate any fans of a given setting.

So, saying that DS 5E "has to have this", or "must be this" just makes it less likely that such a thing will ever come to be. For those who say "must this" or "can't be that", just do what 'we' have always done, make your own version. You probably are not going to be happy with anything official anyway. For those who can accept a new version of something loved for what it is, then encourage a 5E DS and love it for what it is, not for what it isn't.

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